Politics is a matter of Life and Death- M7



President Museveni has said that politics is a matter of life and death, warning voters that if the elect badly, they will have to live in a bad life.

Museveni who was speaking at National Resistance Movement (NRM) manifesto launch yesterday afternoon at Imperial Royale Hotel also urged party candidates to stop bribing voters in the coming general elections.
“Politics is not a joke. It is a matter of life and death. If you elect badly, you can get into a bad situation,” he said.

“Something needs to be done about use of money in this period to foster political hygiene… If you elect people because they gave you money, this will disenfranchise you,” he added.

Museveni argued that buying voters leads to indebted leaders who never engage in developmental works for their communities as they will be busy dealing with lenders. He said that indebted leaders have no time to think about service delivery.

Going Forward

He said that people cannot stand on a rally and say they are going forward unless they solve challenges that that National Resistance Movement has already tackled.

“You cannot stand on rally and say am forward, am forward. You can’t go forward unless you solve earlier stages. By solving these stages (like children failing to go to school), we are going forward.”

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2 thoughts on “Politics is a matter of Life and Death- M7

  1. Mr. President, fight corruption and create an effective government at all levels where the civil and public servants are accountable to the people. We don`t want strong civil and public servants we need servants who respect voters and in return voters will give you their utmost support. UPDF respects civilians than the civil servants are able to do. Don`t promise us things, promise us a disciplined and scaled downsized government.

  2. M7 is an Intimidater in chief, elections in an expression of peoples will. There is nothing like electing badly, unless a loser decides to take up guns under some false pretense to fight and take power then cling on with massive bribery, manipulation of constitution and ballot stuffing with a military intelligence run tally centers to tell the EC what results to announce.

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