Nude Picture Analysts Trash Photos Of Anita Kyarimpa


Since last week, the most trending person in Uganda has been Anita Fabiola, the former NTV presenter whose nude pictures leaked to the media.

fabiola nude

However, according to various nude picture analysts and the entire public, Fabiola’s photos were totally the opposite of what they expected.

“These pictures were a disappointment and somehow bogus because there was no quality in them,” said the analyst

These analysts have come to conclusion that Fabiola’s huge butt and banana curved hips are artificial since all this was nowhere to be seen in the leaked photos.

One of the analysts jokingly said that Anita’s booty could be seasonal in that it comes whenever she steps on TV and disappear when she is naked.

They also noted that they were disappointed due to the fact that her bearded meat looked so tiny and small like that of a 14-year old virgin.

Across various platforms, analysts also came to conclusion that Fabiola has three nipples and this has already scared potential admirers.

With the way how she portrays herself, several men expected her to have reasonable, well rounded and sharp pointed boobs but her chest looked so flat.

“Her boos were so small and flabby. We never expected to see shrunk boobs from Fabiola,” stated the analyst.

Though the pictures were trashed, analysts have revealed that she has a well shaped body, come to bed eyes, honey dripping lips and smooth skin that has no scars and stretch marks.

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