Nziyira’s Rising star Horse De Master begs gal not to dump him, outs hit song

The best day of your life deserves a befitting hit song and fast-rising star Horse De Master, in ‘Nziyira’ will surely earn its way into the deejays’ playlist catalogue for rotation.

Fast-rising musician Horse De Master has today finally released the much-anticipated song Nziyira. The song is a true-life story of many people who are in love but later get dumped. The song explains life experiences and the pain people go through because of love.

‘Nziyira’ exudes maturity; a singer singing about the hustle he goes through to convince the girl he loves so much not to end the relationship.

Even when he makes feel like he is heartbroken, Horse de master goes ahead to tell the girl how he is not breathing because if she continues to dump him. In the song, he also says such heart matters can be resolved amicably than letting go just like that. He adds that many people have been a victim of being dumped and they go through a lot.

‘Nziyira’, Luganda word for ‘I am not breathing’, is a new song off forthcoming songs by Horse De Master.

Written by himself with the help of producer Cofix.

The song starts off with an echo of a confession, a vow about love. The oath sets the tone of what the song is all about; Love!

Beautiful sounds of a flute reverberate in the background as a mixture of rich percussive sounds paint a fine contemporary of a love story sound. The overall sound has a rich taste of diversity.

Nziyira is surely going to be a trending hit.

Horse De master is a Ugandan vocalist with an amazing talent, his goal is to sensitize the nation and the world at large through music. He has so many projects coming up.

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