Obama Warns M7 Over Anti-gay Bill

US President Barack Obama.

At the London Pride parade, an act that could be punishable with jail  under the proposed law
At the London Pride parade, an act that could be punishable with jail under the proposed law

President Barack Obama has warned Uganda’s President Yoweri Musuveni that enacting an anti-gay law will complicate relations with the US according to BBC.

Under the proposed legislation, those convicted of homosexual acts could face life imprisonment.

The law would also make it a crime not to report gay people.

Promotion of homosexuality – even talking about it without condemning it – would also be punishable by a prison sentence.

The private member’s bill originally proposed the death penalty for some offences, such as if a minor was involved or the perpetrator was HIV-positive, but that clause has been dropped.

US President Brack Obama with Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni at a past meeting in 2010. Photo/FILE
US President Brack Obama with Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni at a past meeting in 2010. Photo/FILE

Uganda already has legislation banning gay sex between men, but the proposed law sharply tightens restrictions – and covers lesbians for the first time.

The US is one of Uganda’s largest foreign aid donors, and in 2011 a small number of American troops were sent to help the Ugandan military fight the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army.

But President Obama, who once referred to the proposed law as “odious”, says this relationship will become more complicated if it is approved, describing it as an affront, and a danger to, Uganda’s gay community.

America’s National Security Adviser, Susan Rice, said on Twitter that she spoke at length with the Ugandan President Museveni on Saturday night to urge him not to sign the bill.

US President Barack Obama.
US President Barack Obama.

President Obama’s statement didn’t limit criticism to Uganda, noting an increase in reports of violence and harassment of homosexuals from Russia to Nigeria.

Earlier refusal

A month ago, President Museveni refused to approve the controversial bill.

His spokesman said that the president believed that gay people are sick but that he did not believe they should be killed, or jailed for life.

“What the president has being saying is that we shall not persecute these homosexuals and lesbians. That is the point,” said Tamale Mirudi.

Mr Museveni has been trying to reach a compromise with MPs, because if he refuses to sign the bill, parliament can still force it through with a two-thirds vote.

In a letter written to the parliamentary speaker when he blocked the bill in January, he disputed the view that homosexuality was an “alternative sexual orientation,” reasoning that “You cannot call an abnormality an alternative orientation. It could be that the Western societies, on account of random breeding, have generated many abnormal people.”

Map showing gay rights in Africa

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28 thoughts on “Obama Warns M7 Over Anti-gay Bill

  1. Its a question of the country passing laws consistent with peoples aspirations. I don’t think these people care bad or should even be prosecuted.

  2. Sometime back in 2008 I jubilated in response to an election of the president of an African origin in USA and that was non other than Obama, it was an interesting opportunity as Obamas grand parents are just my neighbors across in Kisumu needles to mention that I share names with very many of Obamas relatives. I really believe that Obama you have let Africans down the gods that made you pass as the American president trace their roots in that small remote village in Kisumu, no wonder you visited this village before you went for the presidential campaigns in the USA and it is the very time that you declared your intention to contest. We are in the process of becoming one Nation in East Africa and I believe my brothers across Kenya are about to enact the same law when you want to visit your ancestral home in Kenya how would you expect to be given that cultural recognition as you want the USA to punish those protecting your cultural origin.

  3. Greetings fellow Ugandans, Our culture and moral values should be protected no matter what. It is amazing that Obama is the president of USA where all the states are not on one page regarding the gays. Some states refused to legalize them. Now why is he threatening Uganda hahahahaha. The Illuminati’s will never rule this world and the secret order is not gonna work in Africa. They need our help and we also need their help, so we need not to be told how to maintain and implement our moral cultural values. This is a very foolish statement he made. We can stay without them because we have all what it takes to live in peace and harmony.

  4. thanks, Samuel, l was also Happy when Obama became President, but it is the time Obama remembers that he was voted by the US people and not Ugandans, so it is time he minds his country Business, we have a Culture to protect in Uganda, so whatever the reason, Homosexuality should not be accepted in Uganda, Period

    1. Most of the gray countries´on this map have no gay laws . That does not mean that homosexuality is legal there . Indeed , it is illegal in Ghana.
      Obama should go after Saud Arabia , Kuwait , Pakistan and Iran before he worries about Uganda . We never hang or stone gay people.

      1. Gayism is not legal in all the US states so why is he trying to covert others when he has failed to covert all his own!!!. Talk of a wicked leader

  5. mutwale eri olugezigezi lwamwe even us we have brain its not you to decide for us.to hell with your aid .even you have been paying the debt of exploiting us back in time. let you take those homos en give them citizenship in us if you like.even the so called aid you give has done us more harm than good. we have plenty of food en water naturally en our herbs to treat us,so goooooooooooooo hell

  6. I would buy Barbra’s comments. Why not the so called developed
    nations leaders stop harassing our rulers to follow their sick and bad
    practices which is odd in both
    societal norms and religions. If they
    think it is good, let them do it in their land but not tell us to do
    such a backward way of sexual arrangements for us. We know what is
    important and bad to us. We cannot stand by and see this outrageous sex

    which will destroy the continuation of human existence
    at last. I wonder some religious leaders are propagating this bad
    practices to happen in their churches and it is amazing. I could not
    find this being allowed in the bible not at all. The politicians are
    accepting this bad norm to assure their ballot full in time of election
    as the number of sick ones in developed nations had drastically
    increasing. But why is a church leader accepting this norm is unclear to
    me unless and otherwise they are infected of the norm themselves.

    let us fight it and bring those victims to specialized centers where we
    can help them to get out of that practice , act as human and live
    normal way. This should be last mile we should go out of way to help the
    sick ones.
    Those of you who are sick of this disease, please
    come to your sense and try to act as human by praying to GOD and he
    will be the remedy

  7. I have 2 points to make:
    1- this man is inaccurate . Ghana for, example , does not allow homosexuality yet it appears as one of the countries in africa where homosexuality is lega.
    Some of the countries mentioned have no law on homosexuality . Burundi , for example , should not be classfied as a country where Homosexuality is LEGAL .or ILLEGAL. They still follow traditional/ natural law e.i , that men should not have sex with men.
    2- The report says that Obama mentions Uganda , Nageria and Russia as nations which oppress gays. Why is he silent on Saud Arabia , Iran , Kuwait , and Pakistan ?
    Is Obama not the guy who thought he has performed a miracle when he talked with the President of Iran on phone even when reports say that Iran has hanged more gay people in one year than all Africa has since the beginning of life ?

  8. Accept less help from the west, develop Uganda such citizens can feel at home rather than travelling (kubakyeyo) to look for petty work, make Projects to resettle our citizens, legislate too the Asian imports and their People to Uganda, improve the Standards of living and reduce also the cost of living, make our exports so qualify beefed such that we have so much income from outside and so on then you may just see Obamas words as mere threats. This law is not going to affect U S A citizens at all but will have an effect on the Ugandan life style which the majority are ready to accomodate, so why cry of sour chillis when you have not eaten them

    1. BY the way america also gets aid from china as it is they owe china more money than any country so if its about aid then there is nothing to be worried of. lets take courage in the fact that our president has honoured us and signed the bill into law lets see what they will do about it. dont forget china and russia are all ready to give any country at logerheads with the US all are available options; egypt now is a close ally of russia after leaving the americans with there aid.

  9. Rwanda is erreneously colored among countries where same sex marriage has been legalised! I just hope this “error” will not influence Rwanda’s dear president to endorse this primitive behavior. By the way, why is Obama not threatening mayors or govornors of US states where same sex marriage is illegal?

  10. At last I was happy to hear that our good president allowed to ascend to this bill, otherwise Ugandan citizens were going to ask that this issue be placed under a referendum, I believe 99.9% would have voted in favor of this law that seeks to eliminate homosexuality. I was also very infuriated to see that an MP from my district Hon. Fox Odoi had penned a letter to the president not sign this bill with his backup from some whites who called themselves consultants, my Brother Fox Odoi you owe people of Tororo a decent apology as we may be mistaken to be promoting this vice as you are our mouth piece, otherwise day dream of being delivered in 2016 to the 10th parliament.

    1. I totally agree with you Samuel ,let the press give out the names of those MPs who support the Gays and we assent on their throats in 2016 so that reasonably sound minded people are voted to the Parliament not Puppets of any categories.

  11. why are they threatening us with Aid, Back in the days our grandparents did not live on there aid, but they survived, if they stop giving up health assistance, we will go back to the use of our herbs, which used to cure very first and even did not cause side effects like the diseases for example Cancer, Pleasure, Diabetes, Aids, etc, Look at all the causes of this disease and you will find out that they where all western diseases, they talk about Poverty, LOL, look at our Villages, people sleep in Huts, but Get healthy food from the Gardens and they are Happy, actually WE DON’T NEED THERE AID, they are just forcing it on us, Uganda is naturally gifted, Good climate, fertile Soils, People with wonderful Hearts and a Very beautiful atmosphere, and this haters bought industries which Pollute our Environment, and Please don’t tell me that they are Good because they Produce Biscuits, we can live without them, RIGHTS, And DMC cars and they also spoil our environment, and Now Homosexually, watch the space, Today Obama is telling us that Homosexuality is Normal, tomorrow he will say Bestiality is also someones Right, So Ugandan should fight Hard.

  12. This is a law for Ugandans. Americans who come here should live according to that law, just as Ugandans who go to America live accordingly. In America, agay person can become bishop. That is how low the morals have dropped in America, not here.

  13. First get your self a man and let your wife and daughters get women for them selves so we know you preach what you practice.

  14. obama he do not understand that country uganda respected nation it not like usa where you find people there driving him like woden bicycle obama shold remember that he was voted by americans not africana we shall not follw there stupidity nosence lisbians and gay same sex marriege that is facked up hell people of western countries

  15. What about incest they practice in Ankole? What is the big deal? Most critics are trying HARD to be relevant especially the Anglican and atheist pentecostal churches. Give us a break.

  16. There is Nothing and Absolutely nothing wrong with Gay-ism or Lesbianism!! What scientific proof is there that an amoeba reproduces within itself? These are absurd questions? It must be resisted! Criminalizing a behavior or an orientation does not correct the fact that one desires or loves another. Am not christian but a civil human being does that make me an outcast in society of Christ followers? The beggers like the church and yes most politicians in our country are in fact naive of these facts

    1. I need your contacts so that we can follow you up with the police.and to
      assure you, Luzira upper prison is good for you,better harry and do
      your things from America.

  17. It is worth noting that Obama is ruling but with white people’s influence, our poverty will Judge us

  18. The most valued wealth of Africa-whose pearl is Uganda-is culture. We would rather fore go the foreign aid and retain our God-given wealth-our culture. Read the Bible, Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed not for murder nor theft, nor corruption nor any other crime, but homosexuality. Bravo our MPs for passing the bill and trying to protect Uganda and its rich culture. I believe if President assents to the bill, God would have spoken with him to save Uganda from future destruction.

  19. Uganda is Uganda, America leave us alone. We are human beings, not animals. We know marriage is between a male and a female. Shut up Obama, shat up. Leave us alone.

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