Obsessions Jackie In Love Triangle

Jackie Tusiime

Former Obsessions group dancer cum singer Jackie Tusiime is currently perplexed, after finding herself trapped in city businessman Nagib Mutebi Ghandi’s sex triangle.

Jackie Tusiime
Jackie Tusiime

Jackie’s friends reveal that for the past several months, she has been enjoying Nagib love to the extent that he reportedly ballooned her.

But that was after he promised to relocate her to his crib on Buziga hill, if she produces him the tot.

But few months down the road, pals say, Jackie nearly collapsed, on learning that Nagib actually has a woman at his Buziga crib, who is neither willing to share it with Jackie nor leave it for her.

But by September 2013 Jackie was fit to burst with her first child and she is expected to have dropped the tot by now.

But before news of the Buziga woman sank in, Jackie was again shocked to discover that Nagib has another babe who he bought a house in Stella Zone along Entebbe Road, hence making Jackie the third woman.

Worse still is that although both Nagib’s other women have houses, she still lives in a rented pad in Naalya.

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  1. Why wait for men to build for you houses. A woman can also build her own house, she was a dancer and now a singer she need to start planning for her future.

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