Ofwono Dares Kadaga On Sejusa

The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza.

The Uganda government spokesman Ofwono Opondo has dared parliament over the recent request by renegade General David Sejusa to extend his leave from the house for another three months yet he has in the recent past declared war on the country.

According to a letter written by his attorneys dated August 16 2013 and addressed to the Speaker of Parliament the exiled former Coordinator for Intelligence Services Gen. David Sejusa wants Parliament to extend his leave by another three months.

“It is on this basis that our client requests you to extend his official leave for another three months from the date during which period our client will have explained himself to the relevant Parliamentary committee which will determine whether his explanation is satisfactory” the letter reads in part.

A screen shot showing Ofwono Opondo's tweets
A screen shot showing Ofwono Opondo’s tweets

However, the government spokesman Opondo on Tuesday said the government is interested in how parliament responds to the renegade General’s request considering his recent threats to uproot the Kampala establishment.

“We shall wait to see whether parliament will extend Sejusa’s leave when he had openly declared war on Uganda.” Opondo dared parliament on Tuesday morning via his tweeter account @OfwonoOpondo.

The government mouth piece also revealed that it’s just a matter of time before the renegade army officer is removed from parliament.

“We wait to see then we can extract him (#Sejusa) from parliament.” Opondo said.

The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza
The Renegade General David Sejusa a.k.a Tinyefuza

General Sejjusa sneaked out of the country in April this year after he allegedly authored a letter directing the head of Uganda’s Internal Security Organization (ISO) to investigate claims that a plot existed to bump off senior politicians and members of the army opposed to the so called ‘Muhoozi Project’.

The ‘Muhoozi Project’ is a loose translation of an alleged scheme by the president to have his son Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba succeeds him as president. The government denies the existence of such a move.

General Sejjusa is said to be holed up in the United Kingdom.

Ofwono’s statements come at a time when the army leadership revealed that it had consulted its legal expert to see whether or not Sejusa should continue serving as an MP.

It also comes amidst reports that that government is planning to compel the UK government to hand over Gen. David  Sejusa.

Media reports quote the UPDF spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda as saying that the army wants Gen Sejusa to be punished for his hostile words towards the government while in London.

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