Okello Oryem Wants Mulindwa’s FUFA Disbanded

Henry Okello Oryem, Uganda's State Minister For Foreign Affairs

FUFA boss  Lawrence Mulindwa
FUFA boss Lawrence Mulindwa

The Former State Minister for Sports and now in-charge International Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem has said the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) under the leadership of Lawrence Mulindwa should be disbanded.

Oryem told press in an interview that FUFA is not taking the sport anywhere and lots of changes must be done starting with disbanding it first.

Oryem said it is necessary for the Ministry of Education and Sports to disband FUFA for two years so that an interim body is put in place which can institute solid structures.

The Minister said there has been a total mess in football administration in Uganda for a long time and something must be done. He noted that a revamp of the sector would have to involve far sighted and independent minded people to run the interim FUFA to set structures and also bring back many spectators back in the stadiums. He said this leadership would ensure that Uganda does not slide back to the terrible times under the late Dennis Obua when the FA totally failed.

He mentioned the current scenario where two football Leagues existed in the country and yet the FA is comfortable with it. He accused some FUFA people who are simply misusing money to be stopped immediately.

Challenged on why the Ugandan government is not injecting money in Football and sports in general, Oryem said that is the old fashioned way of thinking because worldwide sporting federations are running to the private sector that are ready to sponsors so long as the packaging is handled rightly.

Mujib Kasule, the FA’s Vice President in-charge of the League said he was shocked by Oryem’s comments.

Kasule said that although it is the minister’s opinion, it is total lack of respect by the Minister to speak about us people who are spending their time and personal resources to keep football doing well.  He said it was likely that many government officials must be ignorant about what happens in football and how it must be managed.

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  1. i think the former state minister is right.,a new a dmnistartion will make us reach our set goals. mulindwa en the group have messed up football in uganda, and they use media to cover their personal interest.

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