Opposition MPs Demand Govt Explanation Over Assemblies

4GC MP Mathias Mpuuga says they will resume protests


Members of Parliament from the opposition on Wednesda demanded for an explanation as to why their parties are not allowed to hold rallies and assemblies freely without police intervention.
Conservative Party President Ken Lukyamuzi quotes Article 79 (2) that shows functions of an MP with a duty to consult their constituents. However, on two different occasions tried to meet his constituents but police confronted him in brutality thus stopping his rally.

Rubaga South MP Ken Lukamuzi say he can no longer address his people
Rubaga South MP Ken Lukamuzi say he can no longer address his people

He recalls that recently he invited Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to Ndeeba to explain to his voters what is happening in the Authority and the police stopped him.

The Rubaga south MP says he cannot talk in his constituency thus calling for a Parliamentary rescue.

Mathias Nsubuga, MP Bukoto South and Democratic Party Vice President, recalled that on the 11th of June he wrote to the Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura that his party was going to hold political activities in Mityana, Mubende and Luuka on the 19th.

The letter was delivered to the police headquarters on the 11th of June. He then travelled with to Mityana with DP President Norbert Mao on the 19th, but was stopped by police along the way in Wabigalo.

MP Ssewungu Speaking to Journalists at Parliament on the Loan Scheme
MP Ssewungu Joseph was recently involved in an altercation with police as he tried to meet his constituents

As they argued with police the DPC only identified as Kintu called for reinforcement and teargased them. Nsubuga laid on table four rubber bullets with their serial numbers he said police used to shoot them which led to a scuffle.

Kalungu East MP Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga said he recently called a meeting to discuss the water system break down in his town council after failing to get the Ministry officials to help.

During the meeting the police came and teargased the meeting. The DP MP wonders how he is expected to consult his constituents without meeting them.

Moses Kasibante Rubaga North MP expressed concern that the problem is escalating because they are not only stopped from talking to voters but also waving to them. Police argues that this is inciting violence.

James Baba the Internal Affairs state Minister argues that there must be a reason why some of the rallies cannot take place.

Lukyamuzi then raised a point of order quoting the 2008 constitutional court ruling between Muwanga Kivumbi Versus the Attorney General. It stipulated that where a person holds a meeting, it is not police to dictate what will occur because they have the mercenary capable to control the situation.

Minister Baba also quoted the police Act 32 (1) which gives police powers to regulate the political activities arguing that it was not expunged. He added that government will look into that, but the opposition can consult their constituents in situations of stability and order.

MP Moses Kasibante (R) in a bitter exchange with a police officer
MP Moses Kasibante (R) in a bitter exchange with a police officer

The Speaker Rebecca Kadaga then put the house to order amidst noise that in 2005 the country opened up space for the multi-party system. Kadaga said there is need for assurance from government that the opposition political parties will be allowed to do their work.

Baba again responded that that is the aim of the ruling NRM to allow the opposition parties operate but said they would check any hooliganism and disorder.

Kadaga after a point of order by Nzoghu William MP Busingora North wondering if opposition MPs are the hooligans asked Baba to withdraw the hooliganism statement to which Baba replied that the hooligans are outside Parliament.

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