ORBITUARY: Maudah was Compassionate, Kind, Resilient and Vivacious

ORBITUARY: Maudah was Compassionate, Kind, Resilient and Vivacious

By Arinaitwe Rugyendo

On or about 1994, a little know but latently powerful girls’ school in Rukungiri District, surprised the country by toping the country’s Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Exams.

Traditionally, the crown had concentrated around the usual suspects such as Namagunga, Buddo, St Marys College Kisubi and the like.

For Immaculate Heart Girls SSS Nyakibale to have beaten the big ones and subdued them to their knees, was a huge feat in the entire Western Region and of course, a shocker for the Central Region schools.

I was in Senior 4 at an equally big school- Kitabi Seminary in Bushenyi District. I recall the entire school marveling at this feat and how we always vowed to meet these ladies and try to understand how they did it.

Sr. Magoba, formerly the Deputy Electoral Commission chairperson, was the Head Teacher of the school.

That Immaculate Girls SSS cohort that shook the nation had a humble girl called Maudah Atuzariirwe among the top 10 of the class.

This is the girl who perished in a fatal accident on Masaka – Kampala road on Sunday morning as she rushed to attend Mass in Kampala.

Maudah naturally went on to pursue Law at Makerere University from where she graduated colourfully. She also managed to obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law Development Centre.

At the time of her death, she held two Masters Degrees in Law (MUK) and Business Administration (ESAMI).

According to a Press Release from the Kampala Law Monthly Magazine, Maudia was travelling from Bushenyi where she attended a function and was returning to preside over as a Master of Ceremony at the monthly Holy Mass of the members of the Archdiocese of Mbarara Development Association (AMDA).

At the time of her death, “she was co authoring a book with her brother on the IP Law in Uganda, she was a Partner at Byarugaba and Company Advocates, with qualifications of LLM Muk, MBA esami, LLB MUK and was a mother of three,” the release revealed.

I came to know Maudah when she was serving at the Registrar Generals office, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs in 2001 where she grew to become a Director of Business Registration until 2012.


According to this Magazine, she made a seminal contribution to registration of businesses and Intellectual Property in Uganda. And while at the URSB, she took part in reforming the Partnership Act, Insolvency Act and the Companies Act of 2012.

She also mentored some of the young lawyers in her pursuit of the quality of selflessness. She was also a professional advisor at Law Development Center, and she participated in the recently concluded Oral exams at LDC that took place last month.

The Maudah I knew was not only an academician.  She was compassionate, kind, resilient and vivacious.

At this newspaper, Red Pepper, she played a huge role in freely guiding and taking us through company law details when as young and restless boys some 16 years ago, we were establishing what would later on become Uganda’s leading tabloid newspaper.

Almost three months back, Maudah came to attend my mother’s burial in Mbarara District. During the send off, I paraded around 28 orphans that my mother had picked from all over to obtain an education at her own expense.

Maudah is the only mourner who felt so touched about this that she immediately came to me and promised to pick one girl for free scholarship at her secondary school that she has started in Mbarara town to promote the education of the girl child. At the time of her death, she was vigorously following up with me on her promise.

Maudah was selfless and very helpful. When she recently learnt that my family had quietly launched a revolution to promote the teaching of STEM (SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHS) careers to children aged 4 to 15, she promised spread its gospel to schools in Kampala.

Unknown to the reader, the programme, ‘e2 Young Engineers Uganda,’ is an Israeli educational franchise promoting STEM careers in children in over 26 countries around the world including Uganda -see www.westkampala.youngengineers.ug.

The ‘e2 Young Engineers’ programme is currently helping to nurture the next generation of Ugandan Scientists, Innovators and Creative Thinkers using LEGO bricks to build different scientific models with the aim of nurturing problem solvers for now and in the future using Science and Technology.

On Friday last week, Maudah called me to say she had fixed for us an appointment to present our programme to The British School of Kampala on May 12th. The school is one of the prominent international schools in Uganda and courtsey of the Late Maudah, it is hoped

The programme which has been spreading very fast in a number of schools around Kampala, the British School of Kampala will become our next step as we grow the STEM Caravan across the country and in the region.


As a programme, we are eternally grateful for the life of Maudah and for believing that the transformation of Uganda will strongly rely on a critical mass of technologists and innovators, many of whom we are determined to nurture at ‘Young Engineers.’

Maudah was vivacious and full of life. She was resilient, friendly and a big fighter. But above all, she was very kind and helpful.

Maudah loved God. This is why she died rushing to preside over as Master of Ceremonies at a high Catholic Mass in Kampala.

For this, I strongly believe she is with the Lord because she was rushing to meet Him.

At this point, I want to recall the words of His Grace Paul K. Bakyenga, Archbishop of Mbarara. He once told us that: “Waaza omu bya Ruhanga, nawe naaza omu byawe.” This means that once you involve yourself in God’s affairs, he will also be involved in yours.

Maudia died trying to involve herself in God’s affairs. God will be involved in hers forever.

Maudia, Munywani wa beingyi (friend of many) may your soul rest in peace and say hi to my mother!

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