Otafiire Suffering From Expanded Ego – Tanga




Otafiire Suffering From Expanded Ego – Tanga


By Markson Omagor


A recent outburst by National Resistance Movement (NRM’s) Electoral Commission Chairperson has only confirmed one thing; that intrigue in NRM is just getting worse.


Dr. Tanga Odoi while speaking during a burial ceremony of one Faridah Oweere in Kyawolo village, Mulanda Sub County, West Budama South, Tororo District confirmed that he is responsible for the downfall of senior NRM members like Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, Amelia Kyambadde, Tamale Mirundi, Sanjay Tana and Minister of State for Primary Health Care, Sarah Opendi.


In a revealing, unsolicited outburst, Tanga boasted of how he was able to politically annihilate Gen. Otafiire.


“You see even Otafiire tried to fight me, Amelia…these are Generals who failed to fight me. What about these useless boys in Tororo,” Odoi who called himself a live wire said in reference to the General’s loss to a little known Kahonda before he turned his attention to motor-mouthed Tamale Mirundi. Not yet done with his scathing attacks on General Otafiire, Tanga said Otafiire was suffering from expanded ego.


“I want to tell you that Otafiire is suffering from what psychologists call expanded ego, that he sees himself as the best thing.” Tanga charged.


In the same speech, Tanga who had earlier told the mourners that all candidates in the recent presidential elections rigged except that the wisest cheat won the elections turned his guns on Sarah Opendi. “Don’t get excited by Achieng’s victory because the courts are about to rule. Those of you celebrating are about to cry while those crying will soon rejoice,” he said in reference to a court ruling that was delivered the following day.

Kahinda Otafiire
Kahinda Otafiire


That court ruling delivered at Mbale High Court indeed went against Sarah Opendi with re-elections ordered.

He also warned the Bishop of the Tororo Arch Diocese, Bishop Obo against accusing him of being partisan. He warned church leaders against meddling into politics just as he said the Adhola Cultural Institution should desist from political issues. Undone, Tanga turned his guns on Sanjay Tana, the former MP for Tororo Municipality saying he was going after his businesses.


He accused Tana whom he called a foreigner of evading taxes saying he was going to dig deep into all the taxes the former Local Council Five Chairman, Emmanuel Osuuna was not enforcing against Tana enterprises in Tororo.

When contacted for a comment, Tamale called Tanga a failed Professor.

Tamale Mirundi
Tamale Mirundi


“That is rubbish. I don’t want to even respond to a failed professor. How can a General retire from the army to join prison service? Tanga is a witch doctor who thinks his charms can kill every one. Why has he failed to kill Lumumba?  (Justine Lumumba is the Secretary General of NRM and a strong critic of Tanga’s ways)” The no nonsense Tamale said in a phone interview on Thursday before hanging up.


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