Over 100,000 students To Pen UACE Exams today

Over 100,000 students To Pen UACE Exams today

By Serestino Tusingwire

Over 100,000 students have today sat for the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education examination across the country from 1887 centers.

According to the press statement from the UNEB Executive Director, Dan Odongo, 104,361 students were registered for the examination of which 61,834 are male and 42,527 are female.

Odongo explained that the Board will deploy over 727 scouts and about 8000 invigilators to monitor the conduct of the examinations throughout the country.

“About 500 Police personnel will be involved in securing the examinations, some on escort duties and others on maintaining security at the storage stations. We shall also maintain overt and covert presence in various parts of the country to deal with threats that may emerge against the examinations,” Odongo said.

Odongo warned those who will be involved in handling examinations from storage stations to the examination centers to desist from diverting from the official routes, tampering with question paper envelops or open them before the official time.

“Parents, teachers and even candidates are further warned against engaging in activities that undermine the smooth conduct of exams such as bribing field officers or paying for fake question papers that unscrupulous persons tend to con people around this examination time,” Odongo said.

Ondogo noted that Candidature has increased by 3,093 about 3% from 101,268 in 2015, much as the gender gap in UACE remained wide compared to UCE where female candidate made up to half of the total candidature.

He finally revealed that for the three levels of examinations (UCE, PLE and UACE) UNEB have examined a total of 1,068,224 candidates.

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