Pallaso donates fans’ contribution to struggling Oscar BigTym, Ghetto Kids

Uganda artiste Pallaso shares a light moment with the Ghetto Kids. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Kampala | Pepper Gossip – Celebrated Artiste of the year 2021, Pallaso has once again exhibited his charitable heart today when he donated all the money he received from the fundraising to his fellow artistes.

Pallaso who collected 5.4M from the fundraising he started last week has today donated more than 7.5M to Oscar BigTym and The Ghetto kids


Pallaso who collected 5.4M from his fans donated 1M to Oscar Bigytm who days ago came back to the limelight for not very pleasant reasons after years of struggling financially. Pallaso faced Oscar and blessed him with 1M cash.

Pallaso remaining with 4.4M topped up a whole 3.4M to make 7.5M and today visited the ghetto kids.

Why Oscar Bigtym and Ghetto Kids?

According to Pallaso his intention to donate 1M to Oscar was to facilitate his medication after his long illness. “I want to see Ray back on his feet and shine again with his beautiful voice” he added.

The ghetto kids who received 7.5M got on the lucky side of the singer because he has been a long time fan of the dancing group.

Also, according to Pallaso, the ghetto kids have been out of school for more than 2 years and out of action for the same time. The 7.5M is intended to aid them to feed and have proper upkeep whilst they wait for schools and events to re-open.

About Pallaso fundraising

Pallaso last week set a 100M fundraising to redeem his Range Rover from URA. However, because it was for a short time he did not get the 100M target so he deliberately donated the collected funds.

Pallaso also showed great appreciation to his fans for loving and standing with him all these years. “I thank my fans who even in these very hard Covid-19 hard times have raised funds amounting to 5.4M. Their love has been undoubtedly been noticed always.” He said.
Pallaso also thanked Davido for starting the trend and exhibiting that giving back is a spirit and heart. “Davido has shown us that we are ao much loved. He haa also taught us that giving back is from the heart. I thank him for that”

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