Parliament Pays Tribute To Fallen Adrisi

Members of the army carry Adrisi's body to parliament

Parliament on Tuesday afternoon paid tribute to the fallen General Mustafa Adrisi in a special sitting at mid day.
A motion for parliament to pay tribute to General Mustafa was presented on the floor by Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi. In the motion, Mbabazi asked that members of parliament collectively pay their respect and extend condolences to the General’s family and that parliament recognizes the contribution made by the late General in the development of the country.

The motion was seconded by Deputy Premier Moses Ali and opposition chief Whip Winnie Kiiz

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi presented
Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi tabled the motion to pay tribute to Adrisi

Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi said that since the NRM government came to power in 1986, the government has had a close relationship with General Adrisi and that he has been very supportive to them.

Mbabazi added that General Adrisi has always been loyal to the government and he has always participated and been consistent and an adviser to President Museveni.

Deputy Premier Moses Ali described late General Adrisi as a loyal officer of Idi Amin’s regime.

Ali added that General Adrisi was hard working, strict time keeper and assertive in his official work.

The Opposition Chief Whip Winnie Kizza on behalf of the Leader of Opposition and the Opposition in the house said that General Adrisi was a devoted servant of Uganda. She described him as a brave, committed, and patriotic Ugandan.

Kizza said that General Adrisi had left a glowing military record and public service career.

Members of the army carry Adrisi's body to parliament
Members of the army carry Adrisi’s body to parliament

Alebtong Woman Representative and also Junior Minister for Northern Uganda Rehabilitation Amuge Rebecca Otengo recognized the late General Adrisi Mustafa as one of the people in West Nile who have been trying to bring people together.

Woman Representative for Yumbe district Oleru Huda Abason said that General Mustafa was not only a military man but also socially engaged.

She said that Adrisi to social development of Northern Uganda by ordering every soldier to build their own house.

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