Parliamentary Committee On Human Rights Very Dormant— Lukwago

Parliamentary Committee On Human Rights Very Dormant— Lukwago

By Serestino Tusingwire

The Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has attacked Parliamentary committee on human rights for failure to actively condemn the rampant abuse of the rule of law in Uganda.

The committee is headed by Mitooma District Woman Member of Parliament, Jovah Kamateeka.

Speaking at the launch of the Parliamentary Forum on Human Rights, Rule of Law and Constitutionalism (PFHRRLC) recently, Lukwago criticized the committee for not defending victims of abuses.

He noted that although article 79 of the constitution mandates MPs to promote the rule of law, they have failed to cultivate the culture of constitutionalism.

The Lord Mayor also faulted the committee for not condemning the pro Gen. Kale Kayihura activists who stormed and sealed off Makindye court and nearly lynched him and other lawyers.

“I was almost lynched in Makindye while protecting the rule of law with many of my colleagues. They organized goons to lynch us and nobody was there to protect us, not even parliament. I shudder to know that the matter did not feature on the floor of parliament. I was almost killed in broad daylight,” Lukwago said.

He described the current committee on human rights as dormant.

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