PHOTOS: Black Bell + Uganda Waragi = Kissing

PHOTOS: Black Bell + Uganda Waragi = Kissing

If you thought mathematics is about numbers, then from now onwards know that new formula for arriving at kissing has been invented.

Recently at the Reggae on the Nile festival, they yet to be identified persons proved that Black Bell plus Uganda Waragi results in to Kissing.



What amused us is that this methodology doesn’t require anything like drawing parabola and hyperbola curves and not even a flow chart is needed to arrive at kissing.  Only Bell Black and Uganda Waragi can solve this complex equation.

The two were seen drinking a cocktail of Black Bell and Uganda Waragi in large quantities as they danced to reggae jams.


As the two started to reach their liquor bliss points, even the physical bliss point was being attained with lips of the two parties being the focal points of their eyes.

In a blink of an eye, they were already swapping saliva at tongues brushed each other.


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