PICTURES: SA Pastor Makes Flock Eat Grass, Steps On Them


Pastor Daniel Lesego of Rabboni Centre Ministries situated at zone 2 Ga-Rankuwa, north of Pretoria, South Africa made his members eat grass and stepped on them while making illustration that the spirit of God can lead people to eat anything.


According to the pastor: “There were many disciples and you don’t know others. Let God show you as they were deliberately not revealed in the Bible because God wanted someone to do them, new things. Nathanael was a disciple yet there is no book of Nathanael. What about the miracles, signs and wonders? What about how them who were not mentioned, taught. We know about Peter and the rest and it will take God ‘s power to reveal the Christ in Bartholomew, Thomas called Didymus, Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee and two other of his disciples. Let the stripe open and God show you and you will begin to do them also. The sons of Zebedee and two others, do you know them, they were there and they were participating in the body of Christ.”


“The world cannot see or hear and some behave like the world and they criticize Bartholomew because they cannot see him. What have you eaten? The body and the blood and he lives in me, constantly he is in me, and he lives in me.”


“Come and eat so that your eyes may see. Simon Peter said: I am going fishing, this is wrong. He went back to the earthly position where Jesus found him. These are the types of miracles that will cause many to repent because this is the message through miracles, signs and wonders. Jesus did not come in a friendly manner because they were doing what Jesus did not tell them to do.”


“Paul says: I carry the death of Christ in me because he ate the body.”

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  1. I used to think that Waragi is only consumed in Uganda , but it seems I was wrong.

  2. Madness, I mean insanity and you call yourself a Christian. One day the Pastor will instruct you to eat your own feces and you start.

  3. Hahahha, the whole of Africa is stupid even the land of the great freedom fighter? Hahahah hope the pastor isnot a ugandan.

  4. the mad church diseases of now days u can believe anything even kibwetelle played his roles and pple followed but this one…… lolo not me….

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