POISON TERROR! How AIGP Akullo narrowly survived death

Akullo reportedly survived poison terror

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Akullo reportedly survived poison terror

By our reporter

CID boss who survived dying with Joan Kagezi is suspected to have ingested poison. The director of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of police, AIGP Grace Akullo, is celebrating after narrowly escaping meeting her creator prematurely. Akullo is suspected to have been poisoned and has been in intensive care for at least five months.

During that time, she has not been sighted in public and neither has been in office. Sources say while she was on admission to suck the deadly substances from her body, she was struck by Covid-19 which saw her put on oxygen both in Kampala and Nairobi. It’s not known how she ingested the poison but it threatened to fail her body organs, a very fatal condition. Akullo’s absence from office for over five months remained a huge concern in the police circles although nobody spoke about it. There was a time when big people were dying of Covid-19 but her sickness was only known in close circles. Even when former DIGP, Lt. Gen. Paul Lokech died of a suspected blood clot following a fall from a chair, Akullo’s state of health was kept under wraps.


We have leant that the chief detective last appeared in her office at the CID headquarters in Kibuli in June. At some point, doctors had reportedly given up on her condition.

“She had become tongue-tied. A medical diagnosis showed she was suffering from nothing yet she was becoming weaker and unresponsive,” a source said.

But as a highly trained and fit officer with strong Luo blood, she had managed to fend off the nasty hand of the grim reaper which has not been kind to the police force in recent times.

The public may have noticed the unusually regular media appearances of the CID spokesperson, Charles Twine. That was meant to fill the void left by Akullo.

Over the weekend, the AIGP who is much trusted by her superiors for her incorruptible stance and efficiency celebrated her recovery at one of the churches in Kampala.

It should be remembered that the same Akullo narrowly survived death in 2015 when armed assailants attacked and shot dead former assistant DPP, Joan Kagezi, at close range in her car. Kagezi was only a few meters ahead of Akullo in an evening traffic hold-up. Up to now, some sources believe that Kagezi’s death was mistaken identity and that the real target was Akullo or that both women were targets but Akullo was the luckier one. Remember that both were working on sensitive cases involving big monies and terrorism. High level criminals are not good at tolerating anybody who puts their nose in their business.

Several questions remain to be answered: Was Akullo really poisoned? What substance was used and where did she ingest it from? What have police investigators discovered? Which case(s) was she working on at the time she was taken ill? Is she completely out of harm’s way? Is this part of the scheme of the terrorist axis which is said to employ a litany of methods to eliminate anybody who is on their trail including shooting, use of chemical and biological substances?


Terrorists’ strategies in the past involved direct confrontation—by shooting their targets using guns—victims include prominent Muslim clerics, politicians like Col Ibrahim Abiriga, security personnel like Maj Muhammad Kigundu, AIGP Andrew Kawesi, ASP Muhammad Kirumira, prosecutor Joan Kagezi and recently Gen Katumba Wamala.


Then they started hacking with pangas men and women in Nansana, Entebbe and most recently in greater Masaka, Boda boda riders, Mobile money agents. They also attempted kidnaps and among others. The latest one has been using bombs in Komamboga and western Uganda bound bus. This implies poison terror will be the latest in their grand scheme of things to destabilize Uganda.


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