Police Battles Inmates, Foils Prison Break

Police in Kabale were on Friday forced to fire bullets and use pepper spray to prevent a prison break.  20 prisoners currently detained at Kabale Central Police Station attempted to disarm their jailors and escape.

The incident occurred at about 10am.

The prisoners had come out to ease themselves when they turned on the officers and attempted to escape.

Police officers swung into action and pepper sprayed the rowdy prisoners.

Although the police officers managed to restrain most of the prisoners, one prisoner got away.

The escapee has been identified as Rwomushana Callist.

Callist managed to escape from the station and run down Kabale quarters towards Kabale-Kirigime road with police in hot pursuit.

Police efforts to scare Callist by firing in the air did not stop him from jumping into River Kiruruma.

Callist again managed to escape from his captors after being pulled out of the river.

This is when a policeman opened fire and shot him in the left arm, prompting him to surrender.

Callist is receiving medical attention at Kabale referral hospital, surgical ward, under guard.

Kabale district Police commander Bosco Arop says Callist was arrested on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle.

Arop describes Callist as a habitual thief and escape artist who has twice managed to break out of Kitwe Police Post in Ntungamo district.

Callist now faces additional charges of escaping from lawful custody.

Arop says the prisoners might have attempted to escape because many of them face serious charges like murder, robbery and defilement.

10 prisoners managed to escape from Kalisizo prison, Rakai, in March. Only one was re-arrested.

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