Police Begs Aine to Come out of Hiding

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has challenged missing Amama Mbabazi head of security Aine Christopher to come out of hiding and hand himself to the police to record a statement.


In a press statement released yesterday evening, Enanga said that despite images of a dead body purported to be Aine were printed in local media and posted on social media, police believes that he is alive but hiding.

“We are also calling upon Aine Christopher to come forward and hand himself over to the police for statement recording that would be beneficial to him as an individual, his immediate family, the public that has very keen interest in this matter and for criminal justice,” Enanga said.

He added; “We want to reiterate that despite the fact that questionable images of a ‘dead photo’, were published and also posted in the print and social media, we highly believe the suspect is alive, and our police notice for his arrest remain valid. We therefore, call upon members of the public who may be having knowledge of his whereabouts to provide it, so as to enable us establish the circumstances surrounding his alleged disappearance.”

He confirmed that police detained intelligence analyst Charles Rwomushana, on credible information that the “dangerous and questionable pictures of a ‘dead Aine’ were widely circulated by him online. Enanga said Rwomushana is now assisting police with investigations.

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