Police Deserters Netted in Moroto

At least nine Police deserters have been arrested in an operation that begun on Monday in Moroto Municipality and its suburbs in Moroto district.

Police's operation targets
It is a crime to desert the police force

The operation has been conducted in Acholi Inn, Kakoliye, Katanga, Nakapelimen, Singila and Kambizzi slums among others.

A source that is not authorized to speak to the press intimated that the operation is ongoing. He says the development will roll to other districts in the areas of South Karamoja.

He explains that the officers on the wanted list have deserted the police force in a period ranging from months to several years. He notes that the officers are reportedly the prime suspects in the escalating security threats in Moroto district. He adds they have also been cited in violent harassment of civilians in the night by robbing their valuables in dark spots.

Irene Aceng, the Karamoja Police spokesperson, could neither confirm nor deny the developments. She says it’s true the police and the army launched an operation to arrest those in possession of government stores. He reveals that so far dozens of police, UPDF gear have been confiscated in the three-day operations. She adds that those arrested will be investigated and tried in court.

Nahaman Ojwee, the Resident District Commissioner Moroto, advises new recruits to ensure they have fortitude. He adds that it’s a crime to desert the forces after voluntarily joining the team.

Meanwhile, the UPDF is continuing with the crack down on the deserters across the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division. At least 95 deserters have been detained in the ongoing operation in the Eastern part of Uganda in the last two and half months.

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