Over 3,000 Jobs to Be Created! Museveni Set To Commission UGX25Bn State-of-Art Market in Soroti

SOROTI – President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni is set to commission the long-awaited State-of-art Market in Soroti City on Sunday, November 22.

Soroti Main Market is a state-of-art market with 1,390 facilities (lockups and stalls) that is an infrastructural initiative done by the government in partnership with African Development Bank (AfDB).

While speaking to the press, Minister of Local Government, Hon. Raphael Magezi revealed that the Market holds 1390 facilities; over four-times the previous capacity.

Minister of Local Government, Hon. Raphael Magezi revealed that the Market holds 1390 facilities (RwakaShots Photo)

“As the Ministry of Local government, we are delighted that this initiative (Soroti Main Market) is under my Ministry. This market will hold up to 1,390 facilities in form of food stalls, storage units and lockups. Up to 2,000 vendors will utilise this facility,” said Hon. Magezi

The Local government minister also revealed that the market will create up to 3,000 jobs for the people of Teso and surrounding areas.

“Opportunities for vendors, transporters, auxiliary service providers, among others, will source up to 3,000 jobs – a major boost to income generation in the Teso Sub-region,” said Magezi.

Soroti Main Market’s focus as a key infrastructural initiative will revolve on value addition in form of marketing, storage (for longer shelf-life) for mainly cereals and other produce.

Other service such as Banking, health care, among others at the market will re-echo the government’s commitment to infrastructural development and bringing the services near the people.

Dedicated to the local vendors, Hon. Magezi revealed that the vice of absentee landlords will be take seriously to control and regulate operations.

“This market is dedicated to the local vendors, especially the women, who previously owned stalls at the same location it was built. The mannerism of absentee landlords – who hire several stalls and later rent them out at higher rates shall not be tolerated,” Hon Magezi sternly cautioned.

Women make up to 70-80percent of the vendors in the market indicate the continued growth in the emancipation of the women while reverberating their position in the development of uganda.

CCTV cameras, Television and Public Address system will be set up to ensure there is proper security and synchronized communication within the state-of-art Soroti Main Market.

“Water harvesting will take place here. We have equipped this market with twenty (20) tanks with a capacity of 250Litres. Therefore approximately 5,000 liters will be harvested for use in the market,” Magezi revealed.

Tasked to explain the matter of market fees, Hon Magezi revealed that vendors will be charged subsidized levies for stalls in the market.

“Of course, with services such as security, water, lighting, cleaning, among others, justifiable fees shall be levied on the vendors according,” Hon. Magezi said without disclosing the amounts.

NRM candidate Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni

Magezi climaxed his communication, thanking the president and the NRM government for its commitment to infrastructural development across Uganda.

By press time (2:08pm), President Museveni was yet to arrive to commission Soroti Main Market.

As the campaign trail in the Teso sub-region climaxes, NRM presidential candidate Museveni is set to meet leaders in Kumi district come Monday November 23 before proceeding to Bugisu Sub-region starting with Mbale on Tuesday.

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