Primary School Head Teachers Don’t Need Degrees — M7

Primary School Head Teachers Don’t Need Degrees — M7

By Serestino Tusingwire

President Museveni yesterday bashed the ministry of Education’s directive to make all primary school head teachers obtain degrees within three years, saying it was rushed and no consultations on political leadership were made.

He said for the few years (30) he has been in power, he should have been consulted for guidance about the issue.

“I get concerned because I have been here for few years, why didn’t they consult me? This is disorganizing the whole system. I have never heard of that. I think it is good to upgrade, but they should have brought it to political leadership. This is a policy matter,” Museveni said while officiating at the World Teachers’ Day’s celebrations at Lugogo, in Kampala.

His response was prompted by UNATU’s general secretary, James Tweheyo, who reported that most primary school head teachers were not at work since they are trying to upgrade their academic qualifications to degrees as required by the ministry.

The directive was given two years ago, but Museveni said that it had never been brought to his attention.

He however invited officials from the ministry of Education to explain how the policy was conceived without approval by the country’s political leadership.

Dr. Jane Egau Okou, the commissioner for teacher education, said Public Service ministry originated the policy.

When asked to explain, Adah Muwanga, the Public Service ministry’s acting permanent secretary, said her ministry issued the circular not the standards which she said are set by the ministry of Education.

“It is true we issued the circular, but education standards are set by ministry of Education,” Muwanga said.

At this point, Museveni said “ssibimanyi”, the Luganda word for “I don’t know”, attracting applause from the teachers.

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