Prof Ndiege Back At Kyambogo

Kyambogo University's embattled VC Isaiah Ndiege.

Prof. Isaiah Omolo NdiegeThe Nakawa High Court has reinstated the former Kyambogo Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaiah Omolo Ndiege back to his position.

An order directing the University Council to comply with the findings and recommendations of Parliament which ordered the entire University management to be investigated by the office of the IGG, Auditor General and Directorate of Criminal Investigation was also issued.

Ndiege became Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor in January 2009. But he has endured a challenging tenure, with a section of staff fighting him, accusing him of undermining his subordinates and running down the institution.

Last year, the feud came to a boiling point when staff laid down tools, forcing the institution to close for some weeks.

They only resumed work after the university council decided to dismiss Ndiege, a decision he later challenged in court which ruled that he had only been sent on forced leave. But the council in April dramatically went ahead and extended his leave by 90 days and by the time the leave ends, he could be out of office for close to a year.

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4 thoughts on “Prof Ndiege Back At Kyambogo

  1. It is time we recorded history. Who were members of the council and what are their INTEGRITY levels?

  2. We need a new university council at Kyambogo since the current one is malicious and wanted to fail our dear Ndiege. He was trying to fight corruption and in his absence, we have seen a lot of rot. Ndiege, welcome back. Justice has at last prevailed.

  3. for as long as ur standing 4 da truth neva get scared u will always win en i beg u to continue moving along dont entatain naye congs we hav been prayg

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