BREAKING: Schools reopening extended by 1 month with Govt contemplating to provide TVs, Radios as Public Transport resumes June 4

Government has extended reopening of school by one month as Public transport resumes June 4

Government has extended reopening of school by one month as Public transport resumes June 4

Kampala – President Museveni has confirmed the resumption of public transports on June 4 with reporting of finalists and candidates to school for one month.

While addressing the nation on Monday June 4, President Museveni revealed that buses and matatus (taxi) will resume on June 4 as the government continues roll out a phased easing of the lockdown.

“We shall allow public transport like buses, taxis provided they carry one half of the capacity but this excludes the border districts,” Museveni deliberated

“Passengers of public transport along with the driver and conductor must always wear masks,” Museveni added.

With today marking 75 days since the initiation of the lockdown, daily curfew will continue from 7 pm until 6:30 am for another 21 days with no boda boda or tuk-tuks permitted to ferrying passengers but cargo only.

” Boda-bodas and Tuk-tuks are agitating to be allowed to operate. This is irresponsible. We cannot risk the lives of our people for the sake of business. They are not even efficient,” Museveni conferred.

With the highly anticipated resumption of school, Government has decided to extend the return of finalists/candidates by one month from the prior highlighted June 4

“We have, therefore, decided that we should not bite too much at the same time. We have, therefore, decided to postpone the opening of schools for candidates for another one month,” President Museveni emphasised.

“For schoolchildren the numbers are so many that we don’t have enough machines to test them all every two weeks as would be required, esp to identify the asymptomatic, ” President Museveni added

President Museveni Yoweri reads his Bible during the second National Prayers in search of divine intervention for the current challenges of the country especially the COVID-19 pandemic.

Distance learning has been fronted for learners to stay abreast of education. This saw the MInistry of Education and Sports provide learning materials and kick-starting lessons over radio and Television.

President Museveni revealed that the government is consulting key stakeholders in efforts to provide each of the villages two television sets or a radio set for each homestead.

“We have been thinking about the distribution of a two television sets per village with over 70,000 villages in Uganda, to aid learners to keep up to speed with learning. Radios are also being explored for use but come with limits,” President Museveni sustained.

Other sectors that have been had measure eased on them. Shopping malls (not arcades) and stand-alone shops (like those on Nasser Road),

“Shopping malls will be allowed to open provided they follow the rules of social distancing,” Museveni emphasised.

Government further maintained that face masks shall remain mandatory for everybody as churches and places of worship stay closed in efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19

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