Radio Hosting Muntu, Niringiye Stormed And Switched Off By Police

FDC President Mugisha Muntu for an interview on Radio Uganda Boston.

FDC President Mugisha Muntu
FDC President Mugisha Muntu

Uganda Police last night stormed the broadcasting studios of Voice of Kigezi, an FM radio station in Kabale town, ordering for an ongoing program to be switched off.

The program which was being hosted by Namanya Santurina alias Kakyene and hosting Bishop Zac Niringiye and General Mugisha Muntu, had lasted for only 30 minutes.

The Police which had earlier on deployed heavily outside the station stormed the studios led by the Kabale district Police Commander Bosco Arop.

Arop ordered the program which had started at 9:00pm to be called off and asked General Muntu, the FDC party President and Bishop Zac Niringiye, the retired bishop of Kampala, to leave.

The move to switch off the station resulted into tension as hundreds of Kabale town residents pitched camp at the station demanding for an explanation from the police. The Police had earlier on deployed to block Bishop Niringiye and Muntu from speaking about electoral reforms but the two beat the security to enter the studios.

Dr. Zac Niringiye
Dr. Zac Niringiye

A visibly bitter General Muntu accused the Police of overstepping their boundaries and forcing them out of the radio program.

Bishop Niringiye told local media shortly after the program that he was not surprised by the Police’s action, saying that they had earlier in the day ordered Hope Radio and Kabale Freedom Radio not to host the program.

He says they will go ahead in conjunction with other activists to ensure that Ugandans are aware of the challenges the country is facing and what needs to be done to save it.

Kabale district Police Commander Bosco Arop told reporters that the group was aiming at inciting Ugandans against the Electoral Commission since they were talking about the electoral reforms.

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10 thoughts on “Radio Hosting Muntu, Niringiye Stormed And Switched Off By Police

  1. Uganda Police is daily loosing Commonsense as they continue to do things that has nothing to do with helping Ugandans to understand the Political situation in the country There are only doing the Fake programmes ordered by Museveni to fight and stop the opposition from talking to the people the members of opposition must talk whether museveni likes or not Police are poor men and women who are controlled by Museveni and cannot defy orders of Museveni but in future shall not be allowed to serve in the same institution because of their hardheartedness sticking on the orders of a President who is a dictator,selfish and obsessed with power.

  2. That is very good so far. I like it when Muntu and others can face what Dr Besigye has been treated to in the past and todate. This will only be the greese to galvanise the require method to effect regime change.

  3. UBC tv is showing whatever M7 has done in the last 28 years. Why hasn’t police switched it off? Is police another arm of NRM?

  4. And who is losing it? Surely not police or Kale Kayihura or in this case poor Bosco Arop. Someone is going bananas. These are tough times and the signs are not good. Maaso Ku lutimbe.

  5. Fellow Ugandans democracy is seriously being insulted. I am and have been NRM supporter but frankly no this is too much. It is becoming too much human democratic abuse. If NRM is for democracy why all these abuses? Really Gen. Kale Kayihura and his errant police is leading the country to suffocation. And l strongly appeal to those NRM top officials that if the party continues to use the police in such a manner, then l am afraid that the country is at the brink of explosion. How long will people be suffocated and they fail to act?

  6. The same Police in Kabale on Friday blocked business,food in hotels not taken by people as the feared armed Police by Patrolling the whole Town as if the Town was invaded by the Foreign Army. Just because the Opposition members where in Town.

  7. This government is not a government of diplomacy, it is a government of force. it can only understand force like the one of Kony. that is why M7 would rather listen to Kony than besigye!!!! Muntu says he will pursue diplomacy, i don’t think that can work. He has been part of this regime, i thought he now understands it better than us!!!

  8. this is the same Muntu who says Besigye is violent, he is persuing Diplomacy!!!! Let him first be baptised with baptism of M7’s fire…

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