Obama To Continue Supporting Uganda Despite Anti-gay Law

US President Barack Obama.

US Ambassador to Uganda Scot De Lisi (R)
US Ambassador to Uganda Scot De Lisi (R)

The US embassy has issued a statement refuting media reports that Washington intends to cut aid to Uganda over the recent enactment of the Anti-gay law.

Last month, President Yoweri Museveni signed the anti-gay bill into a law drawing criticism from western nations with some promising to cut aid to Uganda.

Prior to the enactment, US president Barack Obama had warned that passing the law would complicate relations between the two nations.

However, the US embassy statement says the Washington will “continue to provide over $700 million in assistance to the people of Uganda annually – more than any other donor.”

US President Barack Obama.
US President Barack Obama.

Below is the full statement;

STATEMENT BY U.S. MISSION UGANDA – No changes in U.S. Assistance to Uganda

We have seen several reports alleging that recent decisions by donors have directly affected services in health, agriculture, and election funding. Speaking for the United States, let us be clear; none of the announced changes in U.S. assistance affects essential care and treatment in our health services, our extensive agriculture programming, or our initiatives in democracy and governance. Nor do they hinder any other program central to our shared vision of a peaceful, prosperous, healthy, and democratic Uganda.

The American people continue to provide over $700 million in assistance to the people of Uganda annually – more than any other donor. Virtually none of this money goes to the government. It goes to our implementing partners who use it to provide direct services to the people most in need. Our commitment to support the needs of the Ugandan people remains strong, just as it has for the last fifty years.

We note the frequent statements from political and other leaders that the U.S. is cutting assistance to Ugandans in urgent need of health services. This is patently false. On behalf of the American people, we provide nearly eighty percent of the national HIV response in Uganda. We support the life-saving, anti-retroviral therapy (ART) of over half-a million Ugandans – over eighty percent of all citizens on ART in Uganda. There has been no other realistic source of funds for this treatment, and without it, people will die.

We believe deeply that Uganda’s economic future must be strongly rooted in its tremendous agricultural potential. That is why President Obama’s Feed the Future program – which remains fully funded – is the single-largest donor-funded agriculture program in Uganda. Over one-quarter of a million members of 5,600 farmer and producer organizations are benefitting right now from the training and improved technology Feed the Future provides.

Our democracy and governance programs are central to our work around the world, and Uganda is no different. As we have for years, we continue to work with actors across the Ugandan political spectrum in non-partisan ways to promote democratic principles and to help ensure free, fair and credible elections and that all Ugandans can enjoy the basic freedoms and universal rights that come with being a member of the international community. And, as long as we have a viable partnership, we intend to provide further assistance to help ensure that future elections are also free, fair, and credible.

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12 thoughts on “Obama To Continue Supporting Uganda Despite Anti-gay Law

  1. This is good, when people lern to differentiate real needs from interests or pleasure, then they ten to think positive. e.g one can die of sickness but one can not die of not having sex.

  2. God always knows and has His time to correct those who are lost and needed to be corrected. One Uganda one people Viva, vivaaaaa.

  3. Yea, they thought they were so great. But they have realized that they are becoming irrelevant. Our God is more magnanimous that America

    1. Our God? Our God? Speak for yourself, young man! We have numerous Gods here in Uganda and they are too busy fighting each to pick a fight with America!
      For the record, my God will throw yours in Kigwo Kiganda!

  4. Never be excited of the western world assistance,since for any help given,there is a string attached.
    Let enjoy with care

  5. Something that Uganda cannot do is to compromise on the question of Homosexuality Donor Countries are not supposed to dictate their Donations basing themselves on the Anti-Gay’s Bill.What Uganda has signed has signed and there is no reverting the decision..

  6. Uganda does not get scared because of USA pulling its Donation Aide and does not get impressed by the same USA CONTINUING SUPPORTING BECAUSE ITS FORMER STAND HAD SHALLOW CONCEPT ABOUT homosexuality.

  7. I think we should give these gays a break, what is wrong with a man’s anus anyway, did God not create it so others can enjoy it?

  8. I had not seen the relationship between the aid given to Uganda for health, water, education and anti-gay law ? Thank you for reasoning it out. Obama get another kisanja

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