Radio One Bosses Sacked Over Lukwago

Former Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka

Ugandan Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka. Sh is the owner of Radio One.
Ugandan Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka. She is the owner of Radio One.

Radio one station manager Jeff Kiwanuka Tuesday morning swung his axe even further by halting the services of more presenters.

The affected presenters are mostly from Radio one’s sister radio kaboozi kubiri.

They include; Basajjamivule aka Abbey Sewakiryanga, PK Bossa Ssengendo, Simon Kaggwa Njala and Kamya Makumbi, the latest victim.

Kiwanuka, acting on orders of owner and Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka, has been separately ringing these presenters asking them to stay away from the station. Fearing to be sued for wrongful dismissal, radio one management has been witty, sacking them without anything written.


We have obtained details behind these actions. Sources say Kiwanuka has been under pressure to restrain these political presenters from hosting any opposition actors to discuss the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago impeachment which court has since declared null and void.

Makumbi’s troubles began way back after independence when he hosted Col Besigye and Erias Lukwago to discuss why they walked out on the president during the celebrations in Rukungiri.

Apparently, his crime was hosting Kintu Nyago, a lightweight politician, to counter whatever scorn the two political giants poured on President Museveni that evening. The show was held on Eid Day and Nyago cried out saying Makumbi should have invited a heavier person like PM Amama Mbabazi or Frank Tumwebaze.

Makumbi ignored him saying as a former PPS to the president, he was good enough to counter Besigye and Lukwago. Sources close to Maria Kiwanuka say since that day security, whose moles are always listening, recording and scrutinizing all talk shows, blacklisted Kamya Makumbi and waited for an opportunity to strike.

As for Basajjamivule, his problem was all of a sudden changing to begin bashing KCCA boss Jennifer Musisi who used to be his ally. Claiming betrayal and being sidelined by KCCA iron lady, Mivule has lately been very belligerent towards Musisi while glorifying Lukwago whom he has been bashing on his morning show called Kalasamayanzi.

He onetime threatened to reveal Musisi’s best kept secrets, being someone formerly close to her, something security may not have liked.

As for PK Bossa, he is one journalist Tamale Mirundi has been complaining against arguing that his morning show, co-hosted with one Ddembe Zaina, is a platform to propagate DP propaganda.

Njala’s trouble stems from airing a mid morning program on kaboozi kubiri during which people call in and bash the central government. The state is also uncomfortable with morning breeze program on NBS TV which hosts political debates every morning.

“I’m in trouble. All my programs are being complained against but I will keep trying to be professional, objective and cautious” Njala told his NBS viewers Tuesdayday morning.

He looked scared and very pensive. Meanwhile, Top Radio’s Richard Kamagu, who security sources have since blacklisted as a Sejusa man, is back on air and has continued demonizing anti-Lukwago councilors. He was recently arrested and detained at Wandegeya police station ostensibly for being hostile to KCCA technical wing.

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20 thoughts on “Radio One Bosses Sacked Over Lukwago

  1. Lack of professionalism. I normally listen to some of these so called journalist. When hosting their programs, the behave like politicians. It is simple: get 2 or more opposing politicians, moderate them as they debate. But what do they do? They will either join a government of opposition side. Let them pay the price- mishandling the cow that gives them milk. If you want to be a politician, be it; if you want to be a journalist, be it: don’t be both.

    1. These are not journalists. They are presenters. Many of us are going to miss their programs. Most likely some other stations are going to snap them up and pay them even higher salaries

      1. thats true, in Buganda we don’t talk while eating. ya Mrs Kiwanuka keep quite cos u’re busy eating.

    2. And that’s your view also! God save us for the people who’d be taking care of this country are busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair.

    3. You’re either a Ugandan who love his country n ready to loose yo job or just human being like Bya……. who just living like wild animals.

  2. Its orders from the only eyed man of uganda,mbu freedom of expression when they shut your mouth 27yrs down the road ok

  3. I think Kamagu of NBS and Dembe Zaina of A kboozi Kubbili should also go. On many occasions she was even worse than PK Bbossa, during their morning programmes.

  4. Surprised that even products of the West’s education systems where people’s fundamental rights are preached and practiced return to Africa to serve under leaders with no so good credentials. It is like the entire western education was wasted. Donors must be looking at this lady in meetings and wondering whether she is a graduate of a top American University – Harvard! Busy asking for more funds for some looters to take….it is just shameful that she sacks those who have enriched her because she is serving dishonorable interests – come Madam…

  5. don’t mind with byabasaija he seems to be not a Ugandan.

    on this point, people like basajja mivule would be even paid by the government
    because he is been encouraging people to work

    1. People like Byabasaija are very dangerous to the country. People who decide to be neutral when some thing wrong is being done.
      Journalists are human beings they can not be neutral when some thing unconstitutional or wrong is being done.
      Byabasaija is that kind of person who will remain neutral when witnessing a murder .
      Shame on you and shut UP.

  6. This shows how greedy we are. I am very ashamed of you Minister, we normally say Heros take Maratons but for you, it show how much you never get satisfied of the much youu have. Can you think of a poor woman working not even for pay to feed her children but as a threapy because she can not sit in her house for the whole day doing nothing with stress and many problems??. As most Ugandas work as a threapy not to earn a living but to heal from what they can not handle or deal with, Others like M7 and his Ministers take advantage of it.

  7. M7 is about to make directors of companies to sack them selves for his gov’t to remain relevant

  8. I just laugh at whoever is surprised by the trend of events happening. Its like acting surprised the a Pope wears a robe. Do u know what it means to have state machinery – especially in Africa? Dont blame the Lady. She is a gov’t employee. If you dont believe me, just imagine yourself seated in a box and try to lift it. You will hopefully understand what am talking about.

  9. THE nrm Government hates listening to the Opposition Leaders on Radio just because they inform people what is happening in the country.The Journalist are the people responsible for inseminating news and this their work,duty ,responsibility and obligation They must talk write and discuss issues concerning the Country and Politics.The NRM government should know that Journalist must talk and discuss issues without fear or intimidation.

  10. Hmm, Samuel & Sentongo, read my comment again. May be u read it upside down. U can’t claim to be more Ugandan than others and thats where the real problem with some of you lies. My point is professionalism in whatever we do. Even making a comment here should depict that.

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