Raila Warns President Museveni Not to Rig Elections

Uganda’s elections to be held on Thursday, February 18, are critical to the future stability of the country and the strengthening of the ideals of democracy in this neighbouring country and the region. The elections also present a critical test to the country’s commitment to the ideals of a free and fair electoral contest that it has long fought for.


The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy appeals to the Government and the people of Uganda, the ruling party and the Opposition to support a peaceful, transparent and credible electoral process, before, during, and after the voting.

We appeal to the Government and the electoral authorities to ensure a level playing field and a transparent conduct of the process.

It is critical that the State and the electoral authorities ensure an environment prevails that makes it easy and possible for all voters to cast the ballot. Security and crime prevention agencies need to support the process and ensure it is free of intimidation.

We particularly appeal to the youth to remain focused the future stability and progress of their country and refuse to be dragged into schemes that undermine that future.

We appeal for calm in these final hours to the vote. We appeal to all parties to observe the rule of law and avoid violence. Law breakers and perpetrators of violence must be dealt with fairly but firmly, regardless of the parties and candidates they support.


Uganda remains Kenya’s biggest trading partner in the region that is also home to thousands of Kenyans in various professions and businesses. We appreciate these ties and friendship and we wish them to continue. Uganda’s stability and success is therefore of utmost importance to Kenya.

Good luck to all the parties and the people of Uganda in this election.




FEBRUARY 16, 2016.

Source: http://www.kenya-today.com/opinion/raila-warns-president-museveni-not-to-rig-elections-or-try-any-other-monkey-tricks-on-uganda-people

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