Rakai District Woman MP Kicked Out of parliament

Rakai District Woman MP Kicked Out of parliament

By Serestino Tusingwire

High court in Masaka has nullified the victory of Rakai District Woman MP Juliet Suubi Kinyamatama over election fraud and voter bribery.

Robinah Ssentongo, who was Kinyamatama’s immediate opponent in the recently finished general elections, filed the petition saying the later was not validly elected, and wanted the court to nullify her victory.

Ms Ssentongo said, at some polling stations, Kinyamatama scored more votes than the registered voters in those polling stations, and other voters were beaten, which not in accordance to the electoral laws.

High court judge Justice Lawrence Gidudu based on the evidence that Ms Ssentongo presented to nullify the victory of Kinyamatama, and order for re-election with immediate effect.

He has also ordered the district returning officer for Rakai to never be in charge of any electoral process again.

Out of the 5 constituents in Rakai district, 4 have to undergo re-elections after the victory of those who had won been nullified.

Only the State Minister for Microfinance Harunah Kyeyune Kasolo whose election was not challenged maintained his seat, while MPs of Kakuuto, Kooki, Buyamba and the district Woman MP lost their seats.

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