RELIEF! City Accountant Mpanga, wife Nakakeeto reconcile

Yasmin and Mpanga with their daughter

Yasmin and Mpanga with their daughter

Word from the juicy grinding grapevine has it that Mukono based Centenary Bank employee Lydia Esther Nakakeeto Mpanga canceled plans she was secretly working on to slap her husband Cohen Mpanga with a divorce suit.

Previously Nakakeeto had threatened to drag the hubby to court seeking dissolution of their marriage. The Centenary bank official developed misunderstandings with her hubby after he hooked city socialite Yasmin Hassan and allegedly sired a tot with her. Reports indicate that Yasmin had taken over Mpanga and made him estrange himself from his marital home.

Yasmin went ahead and introduced Mpanga to her parents at a colorful ceremony that was attended by selected friends and family members.
However, indications are that Mpanga reconciled with wife and they are back to merrymaking. This was witnessed a few weeks ago when the couple decided to go for a holiday with their kids to Fort Portal where they spent some days talking about their family future. It is reported that the couple reconciled and Nakakeeto canceled all the plans of divorce she had initiated previously.
Sources reveal that Mpanga used the style of some politicians who dish out goodies during campaigns but after being voted into office they forget the voters.

We hear after Yasmin got pregnant and delivered their baby girl whom they named Chanel Lela, their relationship changed drastically.
The former city slay queen almost overthrew seasoned banker Nakakeeto from her bedroom after taking over her husband Mpanga for some good time but he has since returned to his ‘Old Broom’.

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