RIP; Rosemary Nankabirwa

RIP; Rosemary Nankabirwa
RIP; Rosemary Nankabirwa

Ex-NTV news anchor Rosemary Nankabirwa is dead.

She passed on Sunday afternoon at the Nairobi based Agha Khan Hospital.

Around midday, social media started being hit with rumors of her death but various people refused to believe it until close members confirmed the tragedy.

She was flown to Nairobi on Saturday as the public joined hands to raise funds for her treatment but she couldn’t make it.

By the end of Saturday, over 100M was in the custody of NTV after people from all walks of life gathered at Serena hotel for the car wash fundraiser.

Her death was a shocker to the public since all hoped for her to regain her health after the treatment in Nairobi but all in vain.

After learning of her sickness, Rosemary’s former workmates at NTV came up with an idea of raising money from the public that would cater for her treatment in Nairobi.

Several media houses, politicians, well-wishers and the President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni joined onto the drive to hit the 100M target.

Rosemary Nankabirwa has been battling with Cancer and had been admitted at the Mulago cancer institute for months.

Shockingly, her colleagues at the Serena based NTV knew about her sickness over the past few weeks.


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