Rwabogo Makes Venomous Attacks Against NRM Again

Rwabogo Makes Venomous Attacks Against NRM Again

Odrek Rwabwogo took to TV this morning to further lambast the NRM political organization which incredibly, is led by his father in law President Yoweri Museveni.

Rwabwogo who has become an outspoken critic of the system that has dominated Uganda for 31 years went on NTV to declare that he is taking a stand to change the NRM and won’t be deterred even when he is misunderstood.

Rwabwogo who is married to Museveni’s daughter Patience stunned the country last month when he penned a missive blasting a culture of strong men who make themselves more powerful than the organizations they lead and in so doing build no systems that a can outlive them.

This was seen as a direct attack on President Museveni who has dominated the NRM and the political landscape in Uganda and has described himself as the only man with a vision to lead and transform Uganda, the sabalwanyi, (chief fighter) and nanyini sente (the owner of all the money in the country).

That missive criticizing Museveni shocked the country especially so because it was coming from Rwabwogo who is married to the president’s daughter and is seen as part of the privileged ruling class who are living in luxury courtesy of the tax payer.

Rwabwogo tried to challenge the NRM leadership, was rebuked and ordered to withdraw candidature


State House officials pushed back against Rwabwogo’s missive describing the NRM as a one man organization lacking in internal democracy but Rwabwogo slapped back saying that the NRM government is clueless and describing cabinet ministers as silos.

“In the current set up…the ministries of Finance, trade, works and foreign affairs, there is no export infrastructure, no uniform command centre organized in any way to support firms trying to export. We just have silos of ministries and departments disconnected from the most important agenda of the country,” Rwabwogo shot back against criticism by State House officials.

And this morning on TV, Rwabwogo was even more venomous. He announced on social media last night how he was going to be on NTV this morning and when he went live, he was taking no prisoners in his attacks on the NRM.

Rwabwogo who contested to be NRM vice chairperson for Western Uganda against Museveni’s bush war comrade and mate Matayo Kyaligonzo and was publicly rebuked, humiliated and ordered to withdraw from the race by his father in law, then compares NRM to the FDC the political rivals of the NRM and even questions if winning the majority votes in elections makes NRM policies right.

“Progress doesn’t happen unless a few people commit themselves to serve…The movement wouldn’t never have been what it is if a few didn’t take a stand. I know many will miss understand me but am a work in progress. I think the FDC is just like NRM but on the other side. They only see a Uganda without Museveni. I take FDC as the angry wing of NRM low on policy about Economy or jobs. Mark Twain said, if you found yourself on the majority, stop, pause and think again, Maybe you are wrong.”

Rwabwogo then slams the NRM habit of preaching to cadres at Kyankwanzi.

‘”There are 2 forms of transitions, Economic transitions and political transition. The latter should worry us most. Every organization thrives through teaching, and teaching is not going to Kyankwanzi. My writing is not out of frustration, let’s say it’s disappointment that we are not doing the things we should be doing but it’s a good emotion.”

He then attacks the NRM for ignoring the youth and instead focusing on building cult status for its leaders and attacking those advocating for the youth. National figures put unemployment amongst the youth at an all time high of 85%.

“We are all trying to build capital, build labour for a better society. Young people in Uganda are not structured. We need to focus on them. To speak about the things of our generational concerns isn’t ill. People should be happy that we are energizing our base. There will be a few who will make a stand but bear in mind that people will have their own criticisms. It takes time to convert people to understand what you doing. We speak out to strengthen the movement, to refresh it, not to destroy it. Instead of focusing on creating jobs for young people and how to attract capital, we focusing on fights and targeting personalities.



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