Rwampara District MPs ask Magogo for a FUFA Status

Amos Tayebwa
As one way of promoting sports in the Area, the Members of Parliament from Rwampara have used an opportunity of hosting the FUFA President Moses Magogo whom they asked to grant their district a FUFA Status which would benefit the people of Rwampara District.
FUFA President Magogo after arriving in Rwampara at Kinoni Girls SS
Julius Tusiime,  the Rwampara East Area Member of Parliament, raised his concern on behalf of the fellow Area Members of Parliament and the people of Rwampara District requesting the FUFA president to grant them a FUFA Status which would promote sports in their District and even participate in regional, national, or even international sports.
This was delivered over the weekend during the fundraising function for Kinoni Health Centre 4 in Rwampara District towards the construction of maternity ward and a general ward. This function was held at Kinon Girls SS in Rwampara District where FUFA President Magogo was representing his Wife Anite Among, the Speaker of Parliament  who was expected as the Chief Guess of Honor.
In his speech, Tusiime used the chance to address his dream in relation to promotion of sports  for the people of Rwampara, he asked Magogo that Rwampara is growing in the sports activities, that now there is a need to be part of FUFA Status which can enable them to excel good players and Referees on a national level and even beyond to an international level.
“As Rwampara we are ready to gain the FUFA Status, we have great got talents, we have already trained FUFA Referees about 50, we have about 50 FUFA  football Administrators and coaches who are trained by FUFA. So I believe the timing is right if we are granted FUFA Status in the next Financial Year, it is a benefit to us, it is a benefit to the population and the Youths of Rwampara at large”, says Tusiime MP Rwampara East.
He further noted that once Rwampara has a FUFA Status, it means they will choose one play ground and upgrade it to a national level stadium and even   internationally. He said that they must fight as members of Parliament to ensure this happens. He said that this will largely promote and develope sports in Rwampara and the entire western Uganda. That it will benefit the people of Rwampara especially those who may be selected as referees or players to participate in the international football sports.
In his response, Magogo said that it’s true FUFA is training the Referees, FUFA football Administrators and the Coaches in this area.  He said that this did not come accidently that it was organized by the request of Hon. Molly Asiimwe and her Colleague Julius Tusiime. “I will also like to mention that there was a request to make Rwampara District Football Association as one of the Districts that compose FUFA, and I can assure you that by the end of this season it will have been done”, says Magogo.
Magogo pledged over 3m towards the construction of Maternity ward, and he handed over 30m from the Speaker of Parliament meant for the same nobel cause.
After the fundraising function, FUFA President Magogo with a team of Members of Parliament held a friendly  football match with the Rwampara Local government at Rwampara Kinoni Play Ground.  The match was successful where the team from Parliament which Magogo was the Captain took lead by defeating Rwampara Local Government 3-1 goals.
Speaking to the Journalists, Bazir Bataringaya the Area MP for Kashari North who was part of the team of members of parliament, said that the reason why Parliament has decided to engage in sports activities wherever they go is majorly based on two reasons, one is that members of Parliament must act as an example to the young population, that through sports you can remain physically fit. He added that the second reason why they engage in sports is that it reduces on non-communicable diseases. He also identified sports as a unifier, that it brings people together and that is a good mobilizing skill when especially you want to pass communication probably on government programs.

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