Rwampara hailstorm victims receive non-food relief  items 

Amos Tayebwa
Following the recent hailstorm that hit some areas of Mwizi Sub county in Rwampara East and  left a number of Families in a sorry state,  area.Member  of Parliament Julius Tusiime Karuhanga in conjunction with Red Cross Society have recently come up and  provided various Non-food relief items to support the affected families.
Over 100 families in the specific areas that were hit by the deadly hailstorm received the relief. The relief items that include tarpaulins, jerrycans, saucepans, knives, mats, solar lights, hoes among others were donated to the most affected families.
According to the report/ assessment  and scoop of the damages by the disaster as it was reported to the Rwampara District CAO by the local leaders from Mwizi  Sub county, it was  reported that there was destruction of properties and agricultural crops mainly banana plantations. That the damage was caused by the hailstorm that was characterized by strong winds of high intensity and floods causing destruction to crops, animals and other infrastructure facilities mainly roads and bridges.  This was reported on 39th September 2022.
According to the report, the most affected areas were in Ryamiyonga and Kigaaga parishes in Mwizi Sub county, Rwampara East, Rwampara District. It was realized that an estimate of about 203 acres of banana plantations were destroyed plus other crops mainly casava, beans, maize and Irish patatoes. It was also found that one person in Kabaya village, Kigaaga Parish died and three more peope were taken to hospital in critical conditions.  It is believed that 8 goats and 12 pigs in Kabaya village were swept off by floods of melting ice blocks. In the same incident, about 11 houses were destroyed and 142 iron sheets on roof tops were perforated by  hailstorms.
However, farmers from the hilly areas of Rwampara East and Rwampara district at large have been urged to do agro-forestry and grow trees around banana plantations to act as wind breaks so as reduce the speed of the winds in future.
In regard of the aide to the affected villages, government was appealed to give quick maturing seeds and planting materials mainly  casava, beans, sweet potato vines since the rainy season is on.
According to Charles Muzeyikana, the Health and environmental protection in-charge  Red Cross Mbarara Branch said that they have provided these relief items after making an assessment about this disaster that hit some areas in Rwampara.
Julius Tusiime,  the Rwampara East Member of Parliament has revealed that he has given the support of the relief to the affected families but he feels this is not enough. He therefore asked more other well wishers and the ministry of disaster and preparedness to come in for support as required by the affected families.
He also requested families that received the relief items to use them accordingly other than exchanging them for money.  MP Tusiime is one of the MPs in Western Uganda that has spent much of his money to support the victims of disasters in his constituency.

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