Rwanda Wins 8 Top International Rankings in One Year

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

Rwanda has in one year scooped eight top international rankings, thanks to several homegrown solutions the country initiated over 15 years ago.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda
President Paul Kagame of Rwanda

Over 3000 guests attending the last day of the National Dialogue Council, known as ‘Umushyikirano’ in the local Kinyarwanda dialect, heard on Tuesday from a presentation by Hon. Clever Gatete, the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, that the country is banking on citizens’ increased participation and new innovations to sustain its development success.

The rankings, all scooped in the year 2015, show the country topping the whole world in ICT promotion and Human Development.

Gatete revealed to an amazed audience that all rankings are based on independent reports by reputable global institutions.

For instance the Minister’s report shows that Rwanda was ranked in the Global Competitiveness Report of 2015 as the Africa’s most efficient government followed by Mauritius and South Africa. The same report ranked the country as the 7th most efficient globally.

“This is no mean achievement,” Gatete told the gathering chaired by Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

It was the latest ‘World Bank Doing Business Report’ of 2016 that ranked Rwanda Second Easiest Place to Do Business in Africa, after Mauritius, that left the audience nodding in approval.

The Minister further reported that the Human Development Report-2015 has also ranked Rwanda as the most improved country globally in Human Development since 1990.

The Global Competitiveness Report (2015) on the other hand ranked Rwanda as the Best Place to be a Woman in Africa and Sixth Globally.

The World Bank on its own ranked Rwanda’s capital Kigali among the six top cities in the world that demonstrate global competitiveness. The bank put together a collection of detailed economic data for 750 cities in the world, which it used to distill the factors that drive economic competitiveness.

On the heels of this, the Gallup Global Report- 2015 placed Rwanda the safest place walk at night in Africa and Fifth safest country in the world.

The World Travel Guide 2015 followed by raking Rwanda the Third Greenest Place in the World after Costa Rica and Ecuador. The Minister added that Global Technology Report 2015 has since followed ranking Rwanda the First globally in ICT Promotion and also the most available Open Data government in Africa by the Global Open Data Index of 2015.

In his speech thereafter, President Paul Kagame said the country needs to aim higher with these achievements.

“A lot has been said at least for now. We now need to keep moving forward relentlessly. Rwandans have started a new conversation that must continue as we chart our course.”

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