S Sudan Crisis: Mediators Meet Machar

Rebel leader Riek Machar.

Rebel leader Riek Machar.
Rebel leader Riek Machar.

US and regional mediators have met in South Sudan with rebel leader Riek Machar, whose forces have been fighting with government troops over the past few weeks.

“The American Special envoy to South Sudan and Sudan, Donald Booth together with (regional) mediators travelled to an undisclosed location in South Sudan to meet Dr Riek Machar,” wrote Miyong G. Kuon, Machar’s former press officer, in a statement released on Sunday.

There was no immediate information about the results of the meeting.

Talks in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Abba, aimed at reaching a ceasefire agreement between government forces and rebels appear to have reached a deadlock.

Regional mediators have been trying to incorporate the proposals of both sides into a draft ceasefire document.

Machar has demanded the release of eleven detained politicians, many of them top officials and former ministers, however, the South Sudanese government has so far rejected the call to release them, saying those detained must face legal proceedings.

Violent clashes erupted in South Sudan on December 15, 2013, after President Salva Kiir accused opposition leader Machar of attempting to stage a coup.

Machar, who is the former vice president, denied the allegations and instead accused the president of using the coup accusation as an excuse to carry out a purge.

The violence between government forces and rebels has killed more than 1,000 people and forced 230,000 from their home so far.

The United Nations refugee agency has warned that the fighting could drive more than half a million people from their homes.

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  1. Salva Kiir should be forced to release the rebel prisoners in order to create lasting peace in South Sudan

    1. The mere release of rebel prisoners will not create lasting peace in Ss. Dr Machar should be booked and tried for crimes against humanity.He is a candidate for ICC. In 1991 he massacred thousands of Sudanese civilians in Jongel State and he was pardoned for the sake of Unity and quest for independence.He has repeated his acts. This time he must be tried to stop impunity in the country. As for Mr. Kiir, he should relinquish power after the end of his term 2015. For stability in the new country, the government of National Unity should be formed and supervised by UN. A national Army devoid of regional and tribal war lords should be created.SPLM should be discarded, it has killed its own children and it is now blooded. New political parties/movement should be formed led by none military Generals to help in healing the country.

  2. The Americans must have gone to meet Riek Machar in order to bulldoze him into dropping some of his contentious demands for a cease fire to take place so that oil flows freely once more. It’s all about oil, not the Sudanese people…………………

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