Salaam Musumba Denies NRM Links

FDC Strong woman Salaam Musumba

FDC Strong woman Salaam Musumba
FDC Strong woman Salaam Musumba

Opposition Party Forum for Democratic Change’s vice President for eastern Uganda and Kamuli LC5 elect Salaam Musumba has denied having made any deals with the ruling party the National Resistance Movement.

Pictures of The opposition strong Woman with President Museveni who is also NRM’s chairman and the speaker of Parliament Honorable Rebecca Kadaga had led to wild speculation that the former legislator could be on the verge of crossing to the ruling party or is working with the party.

However, while speaking to the media recently, Musumba denied being in bed with the ruling party saying as major players in Busoga politics, her relationship with the speaker predates the advent of the multiparty era in Uganda.

She added that as leaders, it is their responsibility to work together irrespective of the political beliefs they subscribe to.

Salaam Musumba however faces an uphill task ahead as Kamuli LC5 chairperson considering the composition of the district council whose 24 councillors all belong to the NRM.

Despite NRM’s overwhelming majority, Musumba has promised to work the people of Kamuli district and she has the backing of Uganda’s number who at a recent function in the district said he will only have a problem with her if she works against his government’s programmes.

At the same function, President Museveni conceded defeat in which Musumba defeated NRM’s Thomas Kategere with a landslide victory in the by election held late last month.

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5 thoughts on “Salaam Musumba Denies NRM Links

  1. what is wrong with people? i thought we want unity in uganda! can’t an NRM or DP greet FDC does it meet that when they greet the members of different party they have become one. how are we going to achieve unity this c’try when greeting some one becomes an issue? thank u Salam u can greet all of them bt u know what u stand for ad i wld encourage all other parties to unity 4better ug

  2. Salaam Musumba, thats the best way to go. You will not be able to provide to services to people in Busoga unless you have NRM leaning. Busoga is still NRM stronghold….no matter what you think!!!

    But I also wonder whats wrong with some people, there is no enemity in politics, we should always stop campaign politics after elections and move to development politics which calls for unity.

    Lokk at FDC how its struggling to unite the party after their elections!!!! People should learn, style up and give we the public a break by stopping politicking and we get down working.

  3. NRM is a mature Party which shows that it only takes a Great Party and Great Leader to accept to work the opposition for the UNITY and Harmony i wish FDC leaders will Learn from this

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