Sejusa Rejects Museveni Meet

General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man

Former spy chief General David Sejusa claims he has turned down a request by the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for a meeting at his ranch in Rwakitura over what he terms as ‘unresolved circumstances’.

General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man
General David Sejjusa is now a wanted man

Addressing the press at his home Thursday afternoon, Sejusa said he had received a request from the President to have a meeting scheduled for January 2nd at 8pm in Rwakitura through his lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi .

He said he would have met the President but the ‘circumstances in which he is embroiled in cannot permit for a meeting to happen.

Explaining the circumstances, Sejusa said the state had sent ‘agents’ to assassinate him while he was living in self imposed exile in London, England.

He also added that he had been denied a chance  to fly back home by the state after he authored a controversial document calling for an investigation into allegations that there was a ploy to eliminate senior members of the army opposed to a succession plan of Museveni to have his son Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba replace him.

It is these ‘circumstances’ that Sejusa says are a stumbling block to the meeting between him and the President.

Sejusa said he wasn’t afraid of being arrested by the state over his utterances but expressed reservations that the state should follow the due process of the law if they intend to arrest him.

He also adds that any political solution that is being sought by the state should include addressing the concerns he raised while in exile.

General David Sejusa now says he needs the government to quickly resolve the circumstances under which he was kept away from serving at his army unit.

Sejusa also gave another reason that since his return, he hasn’t been in good financial shape. The general said he had no car and was using his sister’s car.

He also added that he had no fuel and has no guards as any other serving army officer at his rank should have. He says he cannot simply respond to such a call.

Sejusa is now stationed at his Naguru home from where he says he is awaiting retirement from the army so that he can proceed to live his private life.

Sejusa’s lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuzi confirmed  that he had been called by the switchboard handlers of the President to get his client to meet the president at his cattle ranch home in Rwakitura.

He says he will formally alert the President of the General’s demands in a letter.

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