Sembabule Council Wants UPE Schools Privatised

Sembabule Council Wants UPE Schools Privatised

By Moses Batte

Sembabule District councillors are mooting a proposal to have all run down Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools privatised to improve academic standards.

During a council sitting on Monday, the councillors detasted the poor state of some UPE schools in the district such as pupils studying under tree sheds.

They therefore proposed that such schools be put in the hands of private proprietors who can effectively manage them.

Sembabule District has a total of 179 public primary schools but most of them are poorly managed.

Robert Ambikiri, one of the councillors, who also chairs the district works and technical service committee, while presenting a report from his committee, said; “the committee members recommended that Katikamu, Keirasitya and Kanjunju primary schools in Lugusuulu Sub-county be privatised to enhance good service delivery.”

The recommendation was supported by Ms Jowelia Mukabalisa, a councillor representing Lwebitakuli Sub-county and district secretary for health and education.

Peter Semaganda, a resident of Sembabule Town showed support for the proposal saying that   private schools are performing better than public schools because there is close supervision and monitoring from the proprietors.

“I know private schools will charge them some money which is not the case in public schools, but parents are ready to pay if they receive quality services,” Semaganda said.

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