Sembabule Mob Kills 2 Suspected Boda boda Thieves

Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person

A mob at Matete in Sembabule district has lynched two suspected boda boda thieves and set their bodies on fire.

Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person
Noah Serunjogi, the Regional Police Spokes person

The deceased have been identified as Sulaiman Miyingo, a resident of Mitogo, Village, Kibinge Sub County in Bukomansimbi district and the second person has not yet been identified.

The incident occurred at Kyabakaga Village, Mitete Parish in Matete town council at the border of Sembabule and Bukomansimbi district when mob attacked the suspected motorcycle thieves and hacked them to death and latter set their bodies ablaze.

The duo’s bodies were recovered by a resident indentified as Pasikazia Namubiru who had gone to tether her goats at a nearby bush where the duo was burnt from.

She says that she was attracted by smell and smoke from a burning object and when she got closer where smoke was coming from she was shocked to find out that they were human bodies that were on fire.

She adds that she made alarms that drew residents to the scene trying to put off the fire but in vain.

The duo while on their motorcycle registration number UEB 362D was reportedly trailed by motorcyclists from Kinoni town in Lwengo district that latter arrested them from Kyabakaga- lynching them.

Hajji Babu Mpaka, Mitete Parish Chairperson, has condemned the incident saying that locals should have handed over the suspects to police instead of brutally killing them and burning their bodies.

The Southern Region Police Spokesperson, Noah Sserunjoji, says that police has recovered a motorcycle registration number UEB 362D which is said to have been stolen from Lwengo and another number plate UDX 609K which was on the ground near the crime scene.

He adds that police has also landed on tools used to dismantle motorcycles and several motorcycle spare parts which he says that will help police in investigations that have already kicked off.

He has however condemned the mob action of taking laws into their own hands saying that police has started hunting those that took part in the killing.

Sserunjoji says that another person could not be identified because he had been severely burnt and he had no identification documents.

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