Sentamu Kicked Out, New Archbishop Appointed

Archbishop John Sentamu

Archbishop John Sentamu

Archbishop of York John Sentamu will not become Archbishop of Canterbury, according to a report that leaked to the press.

Sentamu was beaten to the post of the church’s top position by Durham Bishop Justin Webly.

Sources close to the selection process told the paper that Welby had emerged as “the outstanding candidate” despite being a bishop for only a year. The Church has since refused to confirm Welby’s appointment.

John Sentamu,  was an early favorite to replace Rowan Williams, but dropped out of contention because, it appears that, he lacks the necessary diplomatic skills required for the post.

Sentamu is the sixth of 13 brothers and sisters who include Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre moved to the UK in 1974 during Idi Amin’s regime.

If confirmed, Welby faces a huge task in healing deep divisions among tens of millions of Anglicans worldwide over the controversial gay issue.

British Premier David Cameron will sign off the appointment before it is officially approved by Queen Elizabeth II, who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England as well as the British head of state.

Former British arts minister, Richard Luce chairs the selection commission that has 16 voting members including both senior clerics and lay members.

The race for archbishop included churchmen such as Sentamu, 63, Bishop of London Richard Chartres, 65, and Bishop of Norwich Graham James, 61.

Williams, now 61, was appointed the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002, replacing George Carey will be quitting next month.

He will be taking up a position as master of Magdalene College at Britain’s prestigious Cambridge University in January 2013.

His tenure has been a tumultuous one with part of the church threatening to break due to the consecration of openly gay Bishops in the United States, a matter that could have cost sentamu

The Ugandan-born bishop has voiced his opposition to the suggestion that government should decide how people marry maintaining that only the church has the right to do so.


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  1. better for him….. people like him don’t deserve it and that’s why God had said Nooooooooooooooooooo to him…. GOD IS GREAT..

  2. It is inconceivable that a non-Englishman could possibly be put in a position to enthrone the next British monarch. For this reason alone, Sentamu did not stand a chance.

  3. Archbishop of York is a good man but his radical rants might have cost him the position.

  4. Our Bishop is a servant of the Lord , I am sure that he will be rewarded by the Lord and will be there in the future so lets Praise the Lord as he has not been kicked out of the Church he is one of the Most respected in the Church of England.

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