Shadow Govt Slams 2014/2015 FY Budget Interventions

Maria Kiwanuka, the country's Finance Minister

Maria Kiwanuka, the country's Finance Minister
Maria Kiwanuka, the country’s Finance Minister

Uganda’s Shadow Minister for Finance Geoffrey Ekanya has slammed the 2014/2015 budget estimates saying it missed the component of the national development plan.

Ekanya says that the cost of infrastructure development that takes the highest allocation is unreal on grounds that the cost does not translate into better infrastructure across the country.

Ekkanya was reacting to estimates in the 2014-2015 budget presented yesterday by Finance minister Maria Kiwanuka. The Budget totaling Ugx 15trillion will focus on narrowing the infrastructure gap, promoting economic productivity and diversifying for better job creation.

Based on the key priorities listed, Infrastructure Development received an allocation of Ugx 2.57trillion, maintaining its standing as the highest funded sector, followed by Defence and Security with an allocations of Ugx 1trillion. Agriculture on the other hand received an allocation of Ugx 440.7 Billion.

However, Ekkanya says interventions in the agricultural sector are wanting and may instead sink the sector which has for so long been the backbone of Uganda’s economy.  He equally criticized the new tax measures on private schools saying this is a disservice to entities that are complimenting government efforts in provision of education services.

This was in reference to the plan to terminate the exemption on income for all commercial educational institutions. Government expects to generate up to Ugx 15 billion from the measure.

However, Ekanya credited government on the integration of registration of Business online with the Uganda Investment Authority which he said will ease business in the country.

He further appreciated the proposal to decentralize pension saying that it will be of much advantage to most of the pensioners upcountry who have been moving to Kampala.

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