Sheebah Karungi’s Naked Pictures Leak

Sheeba Karungi

Yesterday afternoon was a moment of optical nourishment after the nude photos of singer Sheebah Karungi leaked on social media.

Sheeba Karungi
Sheeba Karungi

In the photos, she is seen seemingly having a foursome bonking moment with her friends as they flaunted their bodies to the camera.

However, the photos are clearly an intended adventure since they are all seen looking straight in the camera-ruling out any possible claims of being filmed in a daze.

She is seen having a fun moment with two girls and one dude who seemed to have shafted them all in rounds.

There have erupted conclusive remarks from the public, ruling that Sheebah may be truly a lesbian since in the photos, one of her friends is seen opening her boot.

Her leaked photos have been deemed dull by some members of the public since they expected to see more than that.

Sheebah now adds to the list of celebrities, whose naked photos have leaked to the media, joining the likes of Desire Luzinda, Robinah Mweruka, Zari Hassan and among others.

Since the nudes leaked, Sheebah’s mouth has been zipped may be awaiting Lokodo’s response t the matter.

We cannot post the pictures on this site because it is against the constitution of the Republic Uganda

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