Two pistols believed to have been used by thugs to kill a businessman in Mayuge district have been recovered by the police.


This was revealed to the journalists at the police headquarters in Naguru by the police spokes person Enanga Fred.

Nyende Simon a well known business man of Bukizibu trading centre in Bumwena Parish, Malongo Sub County in Mayuge District was killed last week while at his residence by three men armed with one rifle and two pistols.

It is said that Nyende was killed after resisting orders from the thugs to surrender money to them.

Members of his family made an alarm and the thugs fled, however one was apprehended and stoned to death by the mob that was alerted by the alarm.

Fred Enanga said that Busoga has of recent become prone to deaths caused by armed gun men who illegally use guns.

It should be remembered that two police officers attached to the security detail of Justice Faith Mwondah were killed amongst other gun violence deaths.

The Police Spokesperson further cautioned the general public and urged them to report suspicious characters to the authorities. Investigations are still going on at Mayuge police station in relation to this case.

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