Sheebah’s Naked Pictures ‘Flop’

Sheeba Karungi

Following the releases of her nude photos, singer Sheebah Karungi has been hit with a shocker of her life since the photos are not circulating like other nudes.

Sheeba Karungi
Sheeba Karungi

The poor quality of the nudes is to blame for them being stuck on people’s phones since they cannot induce any boners in men.

Unlike other nudes, Sheebah’s photos have not circulated anywhere and they have had less people asking for them on social media.

“Her photos were not interesting, I got no erection after watching them,” one of her fan was heard ranting.

However, Sheebah came out to apologize for the release of the photos claiming that they were shot over four years ago with her consent.

She made the apology at a certain comedy night that was held at Bat Valley theatre on Tuesday night before entertaining the fans.

Despite her apology, legal actions are expected to be taken against her since indulging in any pornographic content is against the law.

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