Sheema | RedPepper Digital – Katesh, Katesh everywhere. The song was Katesh, Katesh the whole day as the district roads committee assessed the situation of roads in Sheema District yesterday 30th Sept 2021.

The journey started at the district and the first to arrive was Hon. Prof. Elijah D. Mushemeza at exactly 9.00 am prompt which left district engineers wondering at how Prof is so serious with time. The greeting was what time is it? 9.00 am.

He answered himself. Are we not supposed to be leaving by now? Other members arrived one by one, Hon Kateshumbwa Dickson the Chairman District roads committee, followed by Hon Nyakikongoro and Hon Kibaju who sent a representative.

Mama Jemimah Buhanda, the district chairman as she fondly likes to be called was also there waiting for the MPs. CAO Mr. Dembe Beyeza Davis was in there too.

The District Engineer Mr. Mbaga Allan and his team led the way. The RDC Mr. Kyereere Frank joined in. The team could not wait for breakfast as it was delayed a bit.

The Uganda road fund team of three found us in the field which was a blessing for they saw with their eyes and heard cries of the people about the state of some roads in Sheema and they promised to add us more funds. Kasaana-Katonya was the first road the team visited which is in a deplorable state.

Rweibare -Kyarugome swamp which the community started on and the district helped with some culverts three years ago is impassable because no murram was put there.

The community was there to show their need and concern of the way as it joins Kasaana and Kitagata sub-counties and it’s a shortcut. The team went up to Kyeihara where some people were heard asking if that place is also in Sheema because of it’s mountainousness.

Hon Katesh felt it had because his luxurious V8 in such a road was not easily passing in those potholes and galleys. Everywhere People were running to have a glimpse at Hon Katesh as he is commonly called.

He carried the day and he was seen giving out 20k notes to the fairly dressed women who were singing his name whenever it was mentioned. Kyamanengyere swamp where the community has put their efforts left the team divulged because we were told that during the first lockdown, three people died there by slipping on the logs and fell in the running water. It’s was at that point that Road fund team promised to add Sheema more funds.

From Sheema south the team had a stopover at the district headquarters for a late lunch having missed break first. It was a sumptuous lunch and thanks go to the district Chairperson, CAO and works for department team.

After lunch, the team headed to Sheema north starting with Kakindo via Kitojo through obwinobwenkyende to a swamp that connects Sheema and Bushenyi which has culverts but needs murram.

From there we headed to Masheruka then Kigarama to Migina and back to the Municipality where the team walked on foot and assessed the road that passes at Kyarimanya and Mayer’s gardens that needs to be revamped.

Great thanks go to the whole team but most especially to the new leadership lead by Hon. Kateshumbwa, which has started it’s term with a lot of vigour and in style.

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