SHOCKER: Bride Picked Up During Introduction Over Theft

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There was drama at Kahokya village in Lake Katwe sub-county in Kasese district on Monday after police stormed an introduction ceremony and picked up the bride and his father in-law for alleged theft.

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Police accused Josam Kwirathwiwe of stealing five goats part of which, he was using to pay his bride price.

Police also picked up Peter Muhabuli, Kwirathwiwe’s father in law. Gideon Isemuthange, the officer in charge of Kyarumba Police post says that they stormed the function after receiving information that Kwirathwiwe stole five goats from three homes in Kaghema village in Kyarumba sub-county during preparations for his introduction.


He was allegedly seen by one of the goat owners who saw his goats on the convoy for the introduction. It is alleged that Kwirathwiwe sold two of the goats and used the proceeds to buy a blanket and gifts for his in-laws.

An eye witness who declined to be named for fear of reprisal from the suspects says that by the time police stormed the introduction, Muhabuli had already slaughtered one of the goats for his guests.

Gideon Isemuthange says the suspect face charges of livestock theft.

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  1. This man is just a thief. Bride price in Kasese is really cheap. Just five goats! And I believe you are allowed to bring them in installments. In other regions they are demanding for 8 cows (exotic).

  2. This is interesting. why did the police spoil the party? they should have arrested them after the ceremony was done

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