SHOCKER; How Winnie Byanyima Survived Rape

Winnie Byanyima, the Boss of UN Aids agency after so many years has dropped a bombshell. One of her close family member tried raping her when she was only 18 years.

She revealed the shocking news to BBC’s Desert Island Discs programme and said it as a “defining” one despite the fact that she had never talked about it.


In her own words, she says “I was shocked, I was 18.This was an attempted rape,” she stated.

In her narration, she says that in 1977, While at University, a lecturer went to her room and said if she became his girlfriend she would pass his exams.

Ms Byanyima confident as she was, she turned down the lecturer and asked him is she could leave.

She went back home and informed her parents who decided for her to change University.


She went on to say that by then,  Uganda was under the rule of dictator Idi Amin.

A family friend was on good terms with some generals, so he offered to help with her travel papers. Arrangements were made for her to go with him to the ministry of education.

She further more said that the family member never took her to the ministry of education as he had promised. Instead, he drove her to his apartment, pretending he had forgotten something.

“We got to his apartment, he put on some music on his player. The song was The First Cut Is The Deepest and he came to grab me,” she recalled.

“I screamed, he was embarrassed, he stopped, put me in the car and dropped me back at the university and said I was stupid, I was childish. ‘These things happen’. He called it: ‘Things happen’.


“I was shocked, I was 18. I had never had a relation with a boy. This was an attempted rape.

“At that time, there wasn’t even a word called sexual harassment or abuse. There was rape, but you felt ashamed to admit,” the UNAids chief recalled.

Source: BBC 

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