SHOCKER; Just 12 days into May month, 346 Accidents have already occurred- Police reveals


According to the PRO Directorate Traffic and Road Safety Uganda Police Asp Nampiima Faridah recently disclosed that from 1st May to 7th May, a total of 346 accidents  had occurred and out of these, 64 accidents were fatal, 168 were serious and 114 were minor.


She went on to note that there were 398 accident victims during this period and out of these 103 people died and 295 sustained injuries.

She added that the season of schools opening is usually characterized by increased movement of persons and increased volume of traffic on roads. All road users should expect heavy traffic on the roads and are advised to plan their journeys early to avoid rushing and reckless driving since most of them will be moving almost at the same time.

She warned that to avoid inconveniences all PSV drivers are reminded to respect road signage, to have discipline on the roads and avoid recklessness driving and all passengers are reminded to always wear their seat belts. The Traffic police has been conducting spot checks .

She advised that PSV operators are advised not to load excess passengers, not to rush students when offloading their luggage to avoid misplacements or losing them and all those using PSVs are reminded to board from gazetted parks in order to ensure safe travel of leaners back to their respective schools and those operating long routes are advised to avoid return journeys.

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