Shumuk Retakes Katatumba Suites

Evictions at Katatumba Suits this morning


The Pakistan Consul to Uganda Boney Katatumba was today evicted from Black Lines House which has been repossessed by Mukesh Shukla commonly known as Shumuk.

Evictions at Katatumba Suits this morning
Evictions at Katatumba Suits this morning

Broken glass, aluminum doors, billboards and broken furniture strewn on the floor with a heavy presence of security personnel is the sight around the building situated on Plot 2 Colville street.

Seemingly intoxicated youths used to evict Katatumba took over the building carrying out furniture and tearing down billboards. Some tenants were also seen packing office property and furniture into trucks escaping the chaos.

The source of the fracas between the two renowned businessmen started in 2008 when Katatumba entered into a deal to lease his property; Black Lines House on Colville Street to Mukesh, a transaction that later went sour.

The police was in place ensure peace and order during the eviction process
The police was in place ensure peace and order during the eviction process

Katatumba had agreed to lease Katatumba suites located in the heart of the city for 99 years to Mukesh at cost of $5 million.  He also gave Mukesh a list of creditors that he was supposed to pay with effect.

However, after some time, Mukesh approached Katatumba asking to withdraw the deal due to the economic meltdown that had hit the world saying he couldn’t manage to pay up as was expected.

On 6th February 2014 Court issued eviction and attachment orders allowing Katatumba vacant possession of his properties Katatumba Suites on Plot 2, Colville Street and Hotel Diplomat Plot 970&971 Muyenga Tank Hill that were fraudulently taken by his former business associate.

Days later, Shumuk secured another court order which he enforced today.

Patrick Muhirwoha the Director Operations says they have a court order by the Deputy Registrar Akankwansa dated 17th of February which they have used to evict Katatumba. The building is now being occupied by Shumuk Springs Development and Springs International Hotel Limited.

The Katatumba family
The Katatumba family

Katatumba argues that the court orders that Shumuk used were issued by Deputy Registrar Irene Akankwansa challenging orders of the senior Registrar who reinstated their possession of the building last week.

He says he has resolved to withdraw peacifully and protect his life as he pursues other avenues of regaining what rightfully belongs to him.

Angela Katatumba, the Ambassadors daughter had no kind words for Shumuk to whom she declared war and vowed to fight on until their family regains possession of the building. They also urged the tenants not to pay rent until the matter is resolved.

Earlier a security guard fired gunshots at the Shumuk court bailiffs who came to evict Katatumba and his tenants.

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